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Album: Closer To God
Length: 7:21
Tempo: 134 BPM
Versions: Memorabilia
Live: Unperformed

"Memorabilia" is a Soft Cell cover that appears as the fifth track on Closer To God. This version contains audio samples that include a prank phone sex call and other samples that seem to have come from pornographic sources. Video of the group listening to the prank call can be seen on the DVD version of Closure. The original appears on the Soft Cell album Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing.

Other nods to Soft Cell's influence on NIN include the names of "Mr. Self Destruct" and its remixes, and the incomplete or simply unreleased cover of "Sex Dwarf."

Song Credits





This is the only version currently available. Footage of its production can be found in the bonus video on Disc One of the Closure DVD.


"Memorabilia" has never been played live.


    Wherever I go
    I take a little piece of you
    I collect
    I reject
    Photographs I took of you
    The towns I passed through
    So many faces
    So many places
    I have got to have a memory
    Or I have never been there
    I have never had you
    I can't remember
    Give me a reminder
    I collect
    I reject
    (Now girl… only it's flavor… bow down here)
    Keychains and snowglobes
    The taste of your sweat
    The look in your eye
    I have been inside you
    I know what it feels like
    (Wet as it is… the whiter the honey)
    I collect
    I reject
    (Goodies come in here all day)
    Give me a reminder
    I can't remember
    I collect
    I reject
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