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This is for all community current events. By community, we mean anything that's in the Nine Inch Nails online community (including ETS, TNH, Nin.com/current, etc.)
This is for all community current events. By community, we mean anything that's in the Nine Inch Nails online community (including ETS, TNH, Nin.com/current, etc.)
==What's Happenin'?==
==What's Happenin'?==
===May 2010===
NIN track Theme For Tetsuo The Bullet Man is released on the [http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=SICP-2717&ref=myp soundtrack for the film Tetsuo The Bullet Man].
===July 2009===
===July 2009===

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This is for all community current events. By community, we mean anything that's in the Nine Inch Nails online community (including ETS, TNH, Nin.com/current, etc.)

What's Happenin'?

May 2010

NIN track Theme For Tetsuo The Bullet Man is released on the soundtrack for the film Tetsuo The Bullet Man.

July 2009

Trent Reznor released the dates for North American club performances which will be the final NIN tour. Four nights in NYC, two nights in Chicago, and four nights in LA.

Trent Reznor tweeted about that last set of NIN tour dates at small venues.

June 2009

Trent Reznor received government recognition for helping Eric de la Cruz in the form of proclamations from the US House of Representatives (three Congressman in total), the US Senate, the NYS Governor, the NYS Senate, the NYS Comptroller and the Suffolk County Legislature.

Trent Reznor was presented with a Special Achievement Webby for Artist of the Year at the annual Webby awards.

May 2009

Reznor offers three different donation packages on nin.com in order to raise money to help Eric De La Cruz pay for a heart transplant. The different priced donation packages range from attending soundchecks to spending time with the band before a show and watching the performance from the side of the stage. A regular donation option is also set up on the nin.com store.

April 2009

The NIN:Access app for the iPhone became available for free from iTunes.

March 2009

NIN/JA 2009 (ninja2009.com) went live at approximately 9:15 AM PST. From the new site you can download the new NINJA 2009 Tour Sampler including new music from Nine Inch Nails, Jane's Addiction, and Street Sweeper (Now called Street Sweeper Social Club). The new NIN songs included are the long awaited studio recordings of "Not So Pretty Now" and "Non-Entity."

Trent Reznor announced via nin.com that Street Sweeper (a new project featuring Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine and The Nightwatchman and Boots Riley of The Coup) would be the opening act for the NIN/JA tour.

February 2009

Trent Reznor posted on nin.com that NIN were planning a double headliner tour with Jane's Addiction, and reaffirming that after the remaining tour dates, Nine Inch Nails would be on a hiatus.

January 2009

Trent posted the long-awaited "gift," 405 gigabytes of HD tour footage filmed at several venues on the current tour. Fans are able to edit and distribute this in any way and some groups (This One Is On Us) have already begun putting it together. 1.5.09
Reznor posted a message on nin.com stating "Remember that gift I mentioned? It's almost here."

December 2008

Trent Reznor thanked fans for the completion of 2008 as well as Alessandro Cortini and Josh Freese for their contributions. Reznor also stated rehearsals of the new lineup will take place next year. He also hinted at a possible holiday gift on the website.

November 2008

Trent Reznor revealed that Josh Freese's replacement for the 2009 leg of the Lights In The Sky Tour will be Lost Prophet's Ilan Rubin.

October 2008

Tapulous released the NIN edition of their popular iPhone/iPod Touch rhythm game, TapTap Revenge. The game includes 13 NIN tracks from The Slip and Ghosts I-IV, multi-player mode, and NIN-themed graphics.

"Thrilling new features are about to be added to nin.com in the very near future! Be sure to keep an eye on it.Meanwhile, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!"

A collection of photographs by Rob Sheridan taken from the Lights In The Sky: Over North America 2008 summer tour have been made available for purchase exclusively at frcphotos. Photos are available in two sizes: 11” X 14” and 8” X 10”.

September 2008

Moment Factory, the company who provided the unique interactive systems used on the current tour, have made a short video detailing some of the video effects and how they work. The video can be viewed here. A teaser can be viewed here.

Wired is running a feature about the Lights In The Sky tour that focuses on the technological aspects of the show. It’s a good read for those of you interested in some of the behind-the-scenes details, and includes some photos and video footage of the stage production. The article can be viewed here.

July 2008

The first leg of the Lights In The Sky Tour kicks off in Pemberton.

The Slip is released in physical format into shops.

NIN play a private dress rehearsal in LA. Tickets for the show were hidden in various places with clues provided through GoogleEarth.

June 2008

Lights In The Sky Over South America tour dates announced.

A download map for The Slip is made available through Google Earth, representing downloads according to geographic region.

Rehearsal footage of "Echoplex" is posted on nin.com.

Rehearsal footage of "Letting You" is posted on nin.com.

Rehearsal footage of "1,000,000" is posted on nin.com.

Retail information for The Slip is posted on nin.com with information on its CD, DVD and vinyl release.

Lights In The Sky (also known as Seed 5) was released via nin.com for free download. The EP is a promotional release containing songs from bands that will support NIN on their upcoming tour, Lights In The Sky Over North America. Additional material, including wallpapers and web graphics, is included in the download.

It is revealed that Rich Fownes has left the band and has been replaced by Justin Meldal-Johnsen.

May 2008

The Slip (also known as Halo 27), the eighth and latest studio album from Nine Inch Nails, was released today as a free download, and contains the previously released Web-only singles "Discipline" and "Echoplex."

The album is available for download in a variety of formats, including MP3, lossless FLAC and high-quality WAV files.

Two new NIN songs have been released with artwork and lyrics. Discipline and Echoplex. They're pointing to the nin.com website on May 5th.

April 2008

Robin Finck is announced to again be a member of Nine Inch Nails. There is a calmly overall lineup refreshment as well, which is evident at NINs Youtube profile, with Josh Freese, and Alessandro Cortini returning to the live performance incarnation of NIN, as well as a new member, Rich Fownes.

March 2008

A new Nine Inch Nails Performance (2008) schedule was announced after much speculation. List here

Unexpectedly, a new Nine Inch Nails performance has been announced to take place on July 25th 2008, at 6/25/08 Pemberton Festival in British Columbia. Tour announced here

December 2007

Still album available for download from iTunes.

The Downward Spiral instrumental posted on remix.nin.com.

November 2007

Remix.nin.com opened and available to create, share, download, and listen to thousands of NIN remixes in this new community of user-generated creativity.

Wallpapers for Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D made available from yearzero.nin.com.

October 2007

The Inevitable Rise And Liberation Of NiggyTardust!, the new album from Saul Williams, produced by Trent Reznor, announced and available for free or $5 download.

September 2007

New videos added to the official NIN YouTube channel.

New videos added to the official NIN YouTube channel.

August 2007

Live video of "The Great Destroyer" added to the official NIN YouTube channel.

Live video of "Me, I'm Not" added to the official NIN YouTube channel.

July 2007

Desktop and iphone wallpapers added to yearzero.nin.com.

May 2007

A new remix of Even Deeper on the Remixes Compiled album by Telefon Tel Aviv has been released. It is available via iTunes digitally or on CD via Hefty Records' website.


The remix namespace is taken offline due to ninremixes.com having a new wiki setup.

April 2007


New Wiki users must be registered for one day and have a valid, confirmed email address to edit.

At 06:14:23 GMT, yearzero.nin.com updated the page to include a link to "resources" [1] This "year zero resources" page included links to ninwiki.com, ETS, and opensourceresistance.net.

The websites presumably inaccessible until the release of Year Zero are now up and running. On Free Rebel Art, a phone call received by submitting information quotes Federal Statute 24.2.1 which corresponds to Free Rebel Art, this is probably the reason for the numbers on all the World of Year Zero pages.

At a meeting in the streets of LA on April 13th, men in a strategically placed van gave everyone ammunition boxes filled with Resistance propaganda (fliers, stencils, buttons, stickers) and some people received boxes with cell phones. The phones had a note: "If you are 18 or over, and will be in the Los Angeles area Wednesday, April 18th we need you. If not, give this hardware to someone else. This phone is your membership card to the resistance. Within the next few days, we will use it to contact you with details of this first resistance meeting. It will get you and one friend through the door. Keep it charged, and keep it with you at all times. Most importantly, there are only 100 minutes on these phones, so use them up and you'll be SOL. We'll be in touch."

Open Source Resistance is updated.

New page found, One Country At A Time.

Two events happened on this day:

  1. Year Zero was leaked today, and is available on various torrent sites, as well as being available for listening in its entirety on the Year Zero website.
  2. A new phone number was discovered today on the back cover of the Year Zero album, below a logo and piracy warning of the United States Bureau of Morality. The number is: 1-866-445-6580, and upon calling you hear a pre-recorded message about your eminent re-education for the possession of illegal materials.

March 2007

Using names and codes found on buttons at the Year Zero listening parties, new 'shards' have been found for The Mailstrom. They're currently being used and tested and a new site has been discovered: here

The lithograph given to those who fore-order Year Zero at the listening parties have a link on them to a website here. On that page a link to here. Using information on the page, another site has been found here. New wiki pages are Mailstrom

An Art Is Resistance flier handed out at the 3/11/07 London show lead to a location underneath a bridge, revealing a large billboard that had operation swamp 0000 written on it. This led to the discovery of a new site here. Clues on the website revealed a new website here. New wiki pages for these sites are: Operation Swamp 0000, and Operation Chip Sweep

Several USB drives given out before the Nine Inch Nails concert in London were revealed to contain both the high-resolution and low-resolution versions of the "Survivalism" video. The video had led to the discovery of three more sites.

Trent Reznor has told Kerrang! magazine he is making the concept of Year Zero into a Movie [2]

A radio leak of "The Beginning of the End" was recorded and put into MP3 format.

February 2007

In the Beside You In Time Blue-Ray booklet, the phrase 'securebroadcastinformatics' appears. Lo and behold, the latest Year Zero Web site: Secure Broadcast Informatics ([3]) which was already discovered and sends you to [4]

I read recently that a radio DJ/program director Alan Cross from 102.1 CFNYFM The Edge in Toronto found a copy of the track "The Good Soldier" on his desk. I wrote him begging to share it if it's true.

update: I got an email back from Alan Cross; he said that he has no idea where that rumor came from. Although even the official website for the radio station he works for mentions his personal review of "The Good Soldier" as being a "Moody, slower. Great grind-y bass synth groove. A natural pick for a single!" which can be found here.

An image found on the USB drive containing "In This Twilight" shows the famous Hollywood sign broken down and the words "In Memoriam" underneath. This led to Hollywood in Memoriam[5].

A hidden link in the lower center part of the Symphony of Noise website revealed and confirmed the album art for Year Zero. It is essentially the same image that was previously released, however it contains "Nine Inch Nails: Year Zero" in the top left hand corner. NOTE: Symphony of Noise is a fan site, so the different cover version is most likely fan art.

New leads are coming in fast and heavy now.

  1. First, after the show in Paris, France, a new site was discovered thanks to a "red flier" that was distributed. The site is Art Is Resistance or http://artisresistance.com.
  2. Then, on the AIR site, there are many links, pages and even some downloads like avatars. All incorporate the "Resistance Logo", which can also be seen on Reznor's latest concert jacket.
  3. A video is posted on [6], showing among other little hidden bits, a video of The Presence.
  4. Finally, the newest news: http://yearzero.nin.com/0024 reveals the album cover for Year Zero.

Currently, there are a few new leads and songs!

  1. U.S. Wiretap, a brand new website that was found as a result of typing in the government agency referred to on:
  2. 12163331810, a new phone number that was found through a spectrograph of file:
  3. 2432.mp3, a file that was included in an USB flash drive that also contained:
  4. Me, I'm Not, the latest leaked song by Trent and co.
  5. In This Twilight, hot off the USB from the Manchester show.