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Jump to: navigation, search is the official website for Nine Inch Nails. It has had a long and storied history. It is currently in its transitional phase to a The Slip-themed format.


During the Fragility period, was designed with backgrounds and art in the style of the album artwork created by David Carson. The site contained journal entries which were posted on the site by Rob Sheridan, who had been newly hired to update and organize the site, detailing the progress of recording the album, as well as a discussion board. Sound loops from the songs "Starfuckers, Inc." and "The Day The World Went Away" were posted on the site prior to the release of The Fragile and are available here. Images, backgrounds, sound files and screen shots of this version of have been archived at The NIN Hotline here.

Fragile-era screen-shots:

pre-With Teeth

From 2004 onwards, prior to the release of With Teeth, had a sparse and minimalist layout with a plain white background and black smudged typewriter font. The site contained a "Current" section that was updated occasionally with photos and information on the progress of the album, a "Body of Work" section with information on each of the Halos and a visuals section with music videos available for viewing. A Q&A section titled Access was also a feature of the site where members of NIN answered user submitted questions.

With Teeth

In 2005 for the release of With Teeth, was updated with a front page with links to purchase the album and watch "The Hand That Feeds" video. Viral teaser trailers were also hidden pages on the site, named with lines from songs that would appear on the album.Later, the front page was changed to display photos taken at various destinations on the With Teeth Tour, and called the site " V6". The pages of the site which had previously had blank backgrounds were changed to With Teeth-style art and the font was also changed. A blog section titled "TR" was added, where Trent would post comments and messages. The Access section continued to be updated by Reznor, with Aaron North and Jerome Dillon answering a set of questions, titled "part one", however, due to Dillon's departure from the band, it was to be the last time the section was updated. The site also contained a downloads section containing desktop backgrounds. All With Teeth-related pages except the page have been removed as of March 24, 2008. All With Teeth-era videos, trailers and downloads can be found here.

Year Zero

Following the release of Year Zero, was updated to V6.9 with a YZ-themed background and font. All previous pages, apart from Performance and Merch were deleted, leaving a basic front page with a photo on. As the Performance 2007 tour began, more pages were added to the site, including a page written in Russian, a page in Chinese and a page in Korean, added as the band performed in the countries for the first time. Links to the Year Zero site and NIN's official youtube account were also added, the former is where live performance videos and video diaries have been uploaded. A photo blog was also added to the front page and updated several times a day during the tour. At present, the band are back in the studio and the front page of is updated periodically with messages from Trent, photos and Youtube videos showing work in the studio. Additionally, site visitors may comment on the current picture.

Here is the archive of all images posted on the 6.9 version of

Ghosts I–IV

On announcement and immediate release of the new album, Ghosts I–IV, in March 2008, the site was altered so that it had an album-themed design. The site still contains links to all Year Zero pages as well as an additional Ghosts I–IV player and a link to the new official NIN flickr page and a page containing RSS feeds.

Here is the archive of all images posted on the Ghosts version of

The Slip

After the digital release of The Slip in May 2008, the site was updated with a new album-themed design. As the new tour kicked off, the photoblog continued. The complete archive of photoblog images and posts can be found here. Following are some of the photographs that were posted to the front page:

The Slip-themed design of the site continued to be updated to the current 7.0 layout; beginning on the 14th of August 2008 when Spiral and ETS members were informed by Rob Sheridan that a new beta of the site would be up shortly. The links to the new site were soon announced with a forum, IRC chat and links hinting to future updates to the site. Subsequently, on the 3rd of September 2008, publicly launched the beta, with anyone who has a account able to use it, completely free, including full use of the forums, IRC chat, all sub-sites and a comprehensive links page, linking all official and non-official nin pages from the ninternet. Here is the official welcome message originally posted on by Trent Reznor:

Welcome to the beginning of the new! There’s a lot of new stuff here we’ve been working on for quite some time and MUCH more
coming over the next few weeks. We’re aiming to create the ultimate community and resource for all things related to nine inch nails.
Be sure to register to create your own profile and take full advantage of what’s here - it’s 100% free and will remain that way.

Once you’ve registered and logged in, you can set up your user profile by clicking on your username in the top right of the page.
You’ll also have access to our new live chat rooms and our new forums, which are already active and filled with great content
and discussion. Here are some useful forum destinations to get you started:

- Introduce yourself in the Community Forum, and please check this message before posting.

- Read what people have been saying about recent shows (and add your own thoughts if you’ve attended) in the Previous Shows Forum, and
talk about future shows in the Upcoming Shows Forum.

- View and share photos and video from the Lights In The Sky Tour in this thread.

- Need help? Check the Tech Support Forum.

posted by trent reznor at 2:07pm (salt lake city, usa)

Early 2010

Beginning on February 9th 2010, photos titled "?" started being posted daily on the photoblog and then linked to via twitter and facebook. These photos may or may not be related to the How To Destroy Angels project.


Over the years, has had various sub-sites to coincide with releases. Here is a list of all sites linked with

There are also two beta pages currently up, for uploading Photos and Videos.

Official Accounts

NIN has official accounts at the following locations:

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