Pretty Hate Machine Tour

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The Pretty Hate Machine Tour' was a series of tours to promote the album Pretty Hate Machine.

Tour Duration Location
Pretty Hate Machine Tour
Support for Skinny Puppy's VIVIsectVI Tour 1988/10/211988/11/06 North America
"Pretty Hate Machine" Promotional Tour 1989/10/221989/12/29 North America
Support for The Jesus and Mary Chain's Automatic Tour 1990/01/261990/03/17 North America
Support for Peter Murphy's Deep Tour 1990/03/191990/04/30 North America
Hate Tour 1990/05/231990/08/04 North America
Sin Tour 1990/12/271991/02/06 North America
Lollapalooza Tour 1991/07/031991/08/20 North America
Pretty Hate Machine European Tour 1991/08/241991/09/13 Europe