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The Pretty Hate Machine Tour was a series of tours to promote the album Pretty Hate Machine. Portions of this tour are available on Closure.

Tour Duration Location
Pretty Hate Machine Tour
Support for Skinny Puppy's VIVIsectVI Tour 1988/10/211988/11/02 North America
"Pretty Hate Machine" Promotional Tour 1989/10/221989/12/29 North America
Support for The Jesus and Mary Chain's Automatic Tour 1990/01/261990/03/16 North America
Support for Peter Murphy's Deep Tour 1990/03/181990/04/21 North America
Hate Tour 1990/05/221990/08/04 North America
Sin Tour 1990/12/271991/02/06 North America
Lollapalooza Tour 1991/07/121991/08/20 North America
Pretty Hate Machine European Tour 1991/08/241991/09/13 Europe
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