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Nailgun ammo.

Quake is a video game by id Software released on June 22, 1996, which features music composed by Trent Reznor. The PC version of the game included 10 audio tracks from the game as standard CD-Audio files, so the game disc could be played in a CD player with the first track reserved for game data (which can not be read by a CD player), and 10 additional tracks of music.

There are in fact no official names to these tracks. They are usually referred to either by the level they are initially played to, or by one of two fan created track listings. They can also be referred to by their track number, however, the first audio track being placed on the CD's second track (the first being reserved for the actual game data), this usually leads to confusion.

A particular weapon in gameplay is the "nailgun" which can be reloaded by collecting ammo boxes with the NIN logo on them.

  1. game data
  2. Quake Theme - 5:05
  3. Intermission - 2:23
  4. Start / Whispers - 8:18
  5. Level: Grisly Grotto - 6:02
  6. Level: Slipgate Complex - 7:20
  7. Level: Underearth - 8:35
  8. Level: Castle of the Damned - 5:33
  9. Level: Necropolis - 6:26
  10. Level: Ziggurat Vertigo - 3:30
  11. Level: Gloom Keep - 5:13