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This is a list of bands and artists related to NIN in some significant way. Some have opened for NIN on tour, some have collaborated with Reznor, some have developed grudges against him, and some are current projects of past NIN members.

Those without their own articles are listed below in alphabetical order.

A Perfect Circle

A Perfect Circle was formed in 1999 by Billy Howerdel, a guitar tech for NIN, Tool, and Smashing Pumpkins (he bears some resemblance to Billy Corgan). Although Howerdel had originally envisioned having a female vocalist, Maynard James Keenan offered his vocal abilities to the project after hearing some demos. Danny Lohner, Jeordie White, and Josh Freese are among the other members. APC opened for NIN during Fragility v2.0 in 2000.

Army of Anyone

Army of Anyone is the new Filter, with Richard Patrick and the old members of Stone Temple Pilots. Their first record came out late 2006.

Black Light Burns

As the successor to The Damning Well, Black Light Burns also includes Danny Lohner on guitar/keyboards/sound design and Josh Freese on drums. However, like NIN, this is mainly Wes Borland's project in the studio, with the other musicians serving for the live component.

The Damning Well

The Damning Well is a rock band comprising several NIN members: Richard Patrick on vocals, Danny Lohner on bass, and Josh Freese on drums, as well as Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit on guitar. So far, they have only one released song, "Awakening", on the Underworld soundtrack (2003). The rest of the album they have recorded has no signs of ever being released.


Filter was formed by Richard Patrick after his departure from NIN. They have 3 albums.

Guns N' Roses

Robin Finck and Josh Freese have played for Guns N' Roses. Various hidden references to GNR exist in's "current" photos. NIN played a few shows as a supporting band for GNR in 1991.


ModWheelMood is an Electronic-Alternative band from Los Angeles, California formed by Alessandro Cortini and former Abandoned Pools guitarist Pelle Hillstrom. Modwheelmood have remixed Nine Inch Nails' "The Great Destroyer", for the Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D album. See the wikipedia entry for modhwheelmood.


nearLY is Jerome Dillon's solo project. The album reminder (2005) is inspired by Dillon's recurring dream.

Nine Inch Dix

A Californian hip-hop group created by Snoop Dogg in 2004. Their first album Cumming Soon will come out in summer 2007. In the words of Snoop Dogg,

Nine Inch Dix was a group that we created years ago at the studio with Dr. Dre. Me, Mel-Man, a couple of other cats, just because we liked the Nine Inch Nails and we was like “We need to be the first black rock group called the Nine Inch Dix.” We was just clowning around and all we used to do was take old school songs, and put our own twist on it, like “I’d Rather Fuck With U”, the shit Eazy-E and all them niggas used to do back then? Take songs and then just put nasty shit on them.
The Nine Inch Dix is creating a fan base and really making some good music that’s good for the soul and good for the heart, because it’s shit that niggas couldn’t normally say! We’re saying when we’re the Nine Inch Dix, we don’t give a fuck!
Snoop Dogg, Soopafly, Lil Half Dead, Jelly Roll, Mel-Man, Sean Lewan, Lil G, LT Hutton… it’ a lot of members man! We got members man! Cause on certain songs, niggas just slide by and get to singing, then nigga you in the group! That’s what it is! Oh yeah, and you gotta be nine inches though, but that ain’t for me to tell, the bitches gotta say that! [1]


Maynard James Keenan's side project, Puscifer, has 2 officially released songs: "REV 22:20" and "The Undertaker (Renholdër Mix)" on the Underworld soundtracks. A remix of the former, "REV 22:20 (REV 4:20 Mix)" by Charlie Clouser, was on the Saw II soundtrack. Further work is in progress with Danny Lohner, Lustmord, and others.


Chris Vrenna's electronic/jazz project Tweaker performed the Doom 3 title theme instead of NIN. Tweaker has 2 full-length albums, with a new one set for 2007.

Queens Of The Stone Age

Queens Of The Stone Age opened for NIN during the autumn leg of the With Teeth arena tour. Dave Grohl has played for both bands in the studio. Reznor has provided guest vocals for QOTSA's 2007 record, Era Vulgaris. Unfortunately, the song, "Era Vulgaris" is not on the US edition of the album, but can be found as a bonus track on the European and Japanese editions of the CD. Josh Homme later stated in an interview that Reznor recorded a song with him for use on the album Year Zero, but the song did not make it through to the final cut.[2]