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Jump to: navigation, search is the official Nine Inch Nails remix site.

The site allows users to upload their own remixes of NIN and NIN-related songs as well as download others' remixes and rate them. Users must register in order to use some functions of the site such as saving, uploading and downloading remixes. All Spiral members are automatically registered at the site.

Initially scheduled to go live on November 20, 2007—the same day Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D was released in the US—it was delayed due to Universal Records' reluctance to host the site, citing the same copyright issues for which they had filed lawsuits against YouTube and MySpace. Trent Reznor was more than welcome to host the site himself but he would then assume all legal responsibility, including possibly being sued by Universal. Ultimately a settlement was reached and the site went live on November 26, 2007.

Unlike the fan-run, prohibits mash-ups or remixes using material by other artists or other media sources (film, television, etc.) due to copyright concerns.


Users can create profiles and podcasts, save customized playlists, and download, rate and comment on remixes. The site also contains an advanced search function with various viewing modes, designed by Rob Sheridan.


The Multitracks currently available for download and remixing are:


How To Destroy Angels

Saul Williams

Jane's Addiction

  • "Chip Away"
  • "Whores"

Street Sweeper Social Club

  • "Fight! Smash! Win!"

Official tracks

Trent Reznor's remix profile contains official remixes that were previously unreleased, in addition to instrumental versions of many songs and tracks that had been used on versions of and


Keith Hillebrandt's remix profile contains two of his remixes from during The Fragile era.


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