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Nine Inch Nails has sampled numerous parts of songs, movies, and other audio into its songs. This page will attempt to catalog each usage.

Pretty Hate Machine

"Sanctified" samples:

  • The film Midnight Express, the talking that begins at about 3:20 and also the screaming that can be heard right before it segues into "Something I Can Never Have".

"Sin" samples:

  • Paid In Full by Eric B. & Rakim (both songs could possibly share the same sample)

"Ringfinger" samples:

Head Like A Hole

"Head Like A Hole (Copper)" samples:

  • Body Language by Queen

"Head Like A Hole (Opal)" samples:

  • Tamborine and Release It by Prince

Track 11 samples:

  • "Let's hear it for Nine Inch Nails— woo, they're good!" cheered by Kelly Ripa


"Get Down, Make Love" samples:

  • Moaning from Japanese pornography films
  • News of the World by Queen
  • The intro is an extract from 1962's "The Cabinet Of Caligari"


"Pinion" samples:

"Physical" samples:

"Help Me I Am In Hell" samples:

  • Ambient Noises from The Empire Strikes Back (When the Tie Fighters are sending bombs into the asteroid where Han and Leia are hiding)


"Fist Fuck" samples:

  • "I could feel that way too... I bet you will someday" from the film Showboat

The Downward Spiral

"Mr. Self Destruct" samples:

  • Begins with a sample from the film THX 1138

"Closer" samples:

"The Becoming" samples:

  • Screams in the background from the film Robot Jox

"Reptile" samples:

  • Intro machine sounds from the film Leviathan
  • Looping female voice from the film Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

"The Downward Spiral"

  • Watery noise at the beginning from the film Alien

Closer To God

"Memorabilia" samples:

  • "What do your nipples look like?" taken from a phone conversation between Robin Finck and a female impersonator

Further Down the Spiral

"Self Destruction, Part Two" samples:

  • Time by David Bowie

"Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)" samples:

  • Put Your Love (In My Tender Care) by The Fatback Band

"Heresy (Version)" samples:

  • In Suburbia and Television Believers by Aron Ranen's Religion

The Fragile

"Starfuckers, Inc." samples:

  • You're So Vain by Carly Simon
  • Fireworks and yelling at the end from Shout It Out Loud by Kiss (appears only on the version on The Day The World Went Away single)

"Even Deeper" samples:

  • Machine sounds from the film Leviathan

The Perfect Drug

"The Perfect Drug" samples:

  • Amen, Brother by The Winstons

Things Falling Apart

"Metal" samples:

  • UFO by ESG

Ghosts I-IV

"11 Ghosts II" samples:

  • Songe d'une nuit de sabbat by Classical-Romantic composer Berlioz

"15 Ghosts II" samples:

"24 Ghosts III" samples:

"30 Ghosts IV" samples:

  • Saddam Hussein hitting the table in front of him during his Trial Verdict, on Nov 5 2006