Self Destruct Touring Cycle

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Self Destruct was a series of tours to promote the album The Downward Spiral.

Tour Duration Location
Self Destruct Tour
Self Destruct Warm-up 1994/03/091994/03/27 North America, Hawaii
Self Destruct Australia 1994/03/31–1994/04/12 Australia
Self Destruct Tour 1994/04/191994/08/13 North America, Europe
Further Down The Spiral Tour 1994/08/271995/02/18 North America
Alternative Nation Festival 1995/04/131995/04/13 Australia
Dissonance Tour 1995/09/111995/10/29 North America
Fall 1995 Club Tour 1995/11/041995/12/06 North America
Nights Of Nothing Tour 1996/08/301996/09/08 North America