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This is a list of songs falsely attributed to Nine Inch Nails (or related projects), through deliberate fraud, poor track marking or honest mistake.

Angel by Vinyl Sun

Claimed since the early 2000s due to a mislabelled Napster download. Official music video

It All Fades

A mashup of Quake and instrumental NIN tracks.

The Life You Didn't Lead

Unknown, listed in compilations on youtube and is claimed to be the demo of The Life You Didn't Lead.

Potions (Deliverance Mix) by Puscifer

Potions is a song by Puscifer, written by Tapeworm, and is frequently claimed to have Trent Reznor on the song. He actually is simply given a writing credit, due to his work on it with Tapeworm.


Claimed to be by Tapeworm, actual artist is currently unknown.

More to come