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An individual release, and featured as a second disc on the deluxe edition of And All That Could Have Been, Still contains original instrumentals and stripped down versions of old songs. Its availability has been on and off since its release, causing extraordinary prices on ebay at times. These tracks are done in the manner of similar ones performed at the CRC Sessions.

Track Listing

  1. "Something I Can Never Have" (6:39)
  2. "Adrift And At Peace" (2:52)
  3. "The Fragile" (5:12)
  4. "The Becoming" (4:30)
  5. "Gone, Still" (2:36)
  6. "The Day The world Went Away" (5:17)
  7. "And All That Could Have Been" (6:14)
  8. "The Persistence Of Loss" (4:03)
  9. "Leaving Hope" (5:57)


  1. Nothing Records / Interscope Records 0694931862 - Double CD
  2. Nothing Records / Interscope Records 0694931842 - Still CD