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Album: Broken
Length: 5:07
Tempo: {{{BPM}}} BPM
Versions: Suck
Throw This Away
Suck (And All That Could Have Been)
Live: Self-Destruct through present

Suck is the second hidden track on 1992's Broken EP. Originally packaged with "Physical (You're So)" on a Mini CD sold with the EP, it was later incorporated onto the EP as a hidden track after allegations that some music stores were removing the Mini CD and selling it separately. "Suck" is track 99 on Broken while "Physical (You're So)" is track 98.

"Suck" was originally written and performed by Pigface, a band lead by Martin Atkins featuring Trent Reznor as well as many other notable Industrial musicians. Other notable singers of the song within Pigface include Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy, who even shared the song as a duet with Reznor. Since 1994, it has become one of the regular songs played by Nine Inch Nails.

Song Credits

  • Writing: Trent Reznor, Pigface
  • ©1991 Thumbless music, Leaving Hope and TVT Music, Inc.
  • Production: Trent Reznor




  • Pigface, The Best of Pigface, Gub



This is the version found on the Broken EP.

Throw This Away

This remix, found on Fixed, combines both "Suck" and "Last."

Suck (And All That Could Have Been)

This live version is similar to the album version, but the ending is very different, with Reznor shouting "Suck!" repeatedly rather than singing the song's final lyrics.


"Suck" has been played regularly since the first leg of the Self-Destruct Tour in 1994.


    There is no god up in the sky tonight
    No sign of Heaven anywhere in sight
    All that was true is left behind
    Once I could see now I am blind
    Don't want the dreams you try to sell
    This disease I give it to myself
    How does it feel?
    Suck suck suck
    She makes it sweeter than the sun
    I get too tight I come undone
    I bow my head to confess
    The temple walls are made of flesh
    Runs up my arm till I'm on track
    Itches the skin right off my back
    I'll heal your wounds
    I'll set you free
    I'm Jesus Christ on ecstasy
    How does it feel?
    Suck suck suck
    I feel so dirty on the inside
    I am so dirty on the inside
    How does it feel?
    Suck suck suck
    A thousand lips
    A thousand tongues
    A thousand throats
    A thousand lungs
    A thousand ways to make it true
    I want to do terrible things to you