Survivalism (halo)

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Halo 23 - Survivalism

"Survivalism" (also known as Halo 23) is the first single by Nine Inch Nails from their 2007 album Year Zero.

On February 16, confirmed that Survivalism will be released as a single in Europe on March 5, however it was later revealed on March 4 that the Survivalism single has been delayed and is due to be released on April 2.


UK / International 2-Track

  1. Survivalism
  2. Survivalism_Tardusted

International Cd Maxi

  1. Survivalism
  2. Survivalism_Tardusted
  3. The Greater Good (Instrumental)
  4. Survivalism (Video)

UK 9" Vinyl

  1. Survivalism
  2. Survivalism_Opalheartclinic_Niggy_Tardust! (Escaped...)