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Can we get a screenshot of the reference to Huck Finn?

hidden text

I think that the hidden text from Huck Finn and Slaughterhouse-Five, along with every Year Zero related website and Year Zero itself, are all supposed to be sent back from the future. I mean, Eva claims to have sent music from someone who's "alive and fucking kicking." Could this be Trent? And although the literary passages hold some vague relevance to the Year Zero theme, they don't have the glaringly obvious Sci-Fi Horror punch that most of the other content has. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that (in the fictional universe of Year Zero) everything we've been looking at was sent back through time by these "pilgrims." That might also serve to account for the grainy, scrambled background images and all the reflected text.

Just a thought.


w8ting w8ting 4 what?

what is Wayne talking about here?

well, waiting for something. probably the police (or whatever they are... the government figures), since the hour is at hand (according to carolina's bug)


Is it 24.19.2 or 24.19.12?

Definitely 24.19.2 --Farzaneh 02:14, 4 March 2007 (PST)

Shared Images

There are four drawings (a sketch, a diagram, and two mirror/optics figures) under the title Shared Images. What are they talking about?

As of right now, the drawings mean nothing. it might be revieled later on.

I don't know if they're clues or window dressing. The notation references Schroedinger's Equation, which is a quantum physics construct. The sketch looks like it could be a Feynman diagram. The whole jist of the SBI project is that they were (are? will be?) able to use quantum physics to send samples of the future to the present. (Or, from their perspective, samples of the present to the past.) This could just be window dressing as part of the conceit that we've logged in as Carolina to the SBI website. --Mr z 10:30, 4 March 2007 (PST)

Text discrepencies

There is a ghost of the text behind the actual text in the chat window. The thing is, after Miguel asks what the key text is, some of it stops reflecting what was actually typed, and starts saying "w8ting, w8ting 4 what?" and "thE HOUR IS AT HAND" respectively. Also, the only time anything is actually typed by Carolina is when Eva tell her to "flood it" (I put it in quotation marks, because I'm unsure what it means) about 5 minutes in. She types what her bug has been putting up.