The Believers

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The Believers is a future release from How To Destroy Angels.

Song information

This song was confirmed to be on the album in an article on Wired. The song is recorded with three verses and one chorus, and features a wide range of instruments from a vacuum-powered drum machine to an out of tune African marimba.

The song was subsequently released by Wired magazine solely through their iPad application[1]




   Muddy trail beside the water
   Leads the lambs into the slaughter
   Hands and knees, we all atone
   Path is paved with blood and bone
   Trembly hands reveal their purpose
   Blisters form beneath the surface
   No one gonna make us leave
   We're the ones that still believe

   Fear comes piercing through the silence
   In the air, the scent of violence
   Watching from above the trees
   We're the ones that still believe
   We're the ones that still believe
   We're the ones that still believe

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