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*[[Charlie Clouser]]: Keyboards, programming, backing vocals
*[[Keith Hillebrandt]: Keyboards, programming, backing vocals
*[[Jerome Dillon]]: Drums, percussion
*[[Jerome Dillon]]: Drums, percussion
*[[Robin Finck]]: Guitar, backing vocals  
*[[Robin Finck]]: Guitar, backing vocals  

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On April 27, 2000 Nine Inch Nails played a special show at the Chicago Recording Company. Some of the songs (specifically "Something I Can Never Have", "The Day The World Went Away" and "Hurt") were performed in new, stripped-down form, considered acoustic, and are thought to have inspired Still, part of the And All That Could Have Been release.



  1. "Something I Can Never Have"
  2. "The Day The World Went Away"
  3. "Hurt" (Take one)
  4. "Even Deeper"
  5. "The Big Come Down"
  6. "The Fragile"
  7. "Hurt" (Take two)


The soundboard quality audio bootleg of this performance is known as The CRC Sessions, Acoustic in Chicago or Live and Deconstructed in Chicago.

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