The Definitive NIN - Quiet Tracks

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The Definitive NIN - Quiet Tracks front artwork
back artwork

The Definitive NIN - Quiet Tracks, also known as The Definitive NIN - Quiet, is the third part of "The Definitive NIN", a collection of Nine Inch Nails' greatest hits. It was released via BitTorrent. It is labeled as SEED 04.

The collection contains this info:

A compilation album featuring 19 of NIN's quieter songs and instrumentals. A good way to get acquainted with a side of the band many people are unfamiliar with. This is the third release in a three-piece "Best Of" collection.

This torrent includes high-res artwork and an html file with information about NIN and this release. All files are MP3 192kbps and include artwork and lyrics.


  1. "A Warm Place"
  2. "Something I Can Never Have (still)" (Despite being credited as from Still, it is the version from Pretty Hate Machine)
  3. "Help Me I Am In Hell"
  4. "Closer (Precursor)"
  5. "Even Deeper"
  6. "La Mer"
  7. "Adrift And At Peace"
  8. "Beside You In Time"
  9. "The Day The World Went Away" ("Quiet" Version, previously available in The Day The World Went Away)
  10. "The Downward Spiral"
  11. "The Way Out Is Through"
  12. "The Fragile" (Still version)
  13. "The Mark Has Been Made"
  14. "The Great Below"
  15. "And All That Could Have Been"
  16. "Ripe (With Decay)"
  17. "The Persistence Of Loss"
  18. "Right Where It Belongs V2" (from the UK and Japanese editions of With Teeth)
  19. "Gone, Still"
    Within the nin:access iPhone app and the "Listen" section of, the tracklisting was recently updated to include:
  20. "Another Version Of The Truth"
  21. "1 Ghosts I"
  22. "2 Ghosts I"
  23. "5 Ghosts I"
  24. "28 Ghosts IV"
  25. "34 Ghosts IV"
  26. "Lights In The Sky"
  27. "The Four Of Us Are Dying"
Previous release - "The Definitive NIN - Deep Cuts" Seed number: 4 Next release - "Lights In The Sky"