The Hand That Feeds (halo)

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Halo 18 - The Hand That Feeds
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The Hand That Feeds (also known as Halo 18), released on March 28, 2005, is the first single released in promotion of the album With Teeth. Most versions include the album version and various remixes of "The Hand That Feeds". The 10" Picture Disc is one of the few releases to include "Home".


DVD Single artwork

Standard Slimline

  1. "The Hand That Feeds"
  2. "The Hand That Feeds" (Straight Mix)

Limited Edition Digipack

  1. "The Hand That Feeds"
  2. "The Hand That Feeds" (Straight Mix)
  3. "The Hand That Feeds" (Dub Mix)
  4. "The Hand That Feeds" (Video)

DVD Single

  1. "The Hand That Feeds" (Video)

9" Vinyl

     A  "The Hand That Feeds"
     B  "The Hand That Feeds" (Dub Mix)

10" Picture Disc Vinyl

     A  "The Hand That Feeds"
     B  "Home"

Album Credits

  • 2, 3 Remix and additional production: Photek

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Previous release - "And All That Could Have Been and Still" Halo number: 18 Next release - "With Teeth"