The Mark Has Been Made

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"The Mark Has Been Made"
Album: The Fragile
Length: 5:15
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Versions: The Mark Has Been Made
The Mark Has Been Made (And All That Could Have Been)
Live: Fragility v2.0

"The Mark Has Been Made" is the fourth track on the Right disc of The Fragile. It is an instrumental track.





  • Unbreakable (2000): Played during trailer.
  • Man On Fire (2004): Used in scenes to showcase Denzel Washington as a contemplative badass.
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: "Abra Cadaver" (Season 3 Episode 5, 2002-10-31)[1]
  • On certain commercials in the Los Angeles area (circa August 2007) for Bryman college, the intro to this song could be heard in the final seconds of the commercial.
  • Need For Speed: Undercover: Played during introduction to the game. Also plays a snippet after completing a race or being caught by the police.

"Sopranos" used the whole of the song, with very slight edits,for its Season 6 trailer (which can stil be viewed at Youtube). They utilized the changes in tone in the song (the eerie, moody beginning suddenly giving way to a noisy, cacophonous second half) by combining it with corresponding images from the upcoming season.


The Mark Has Been Made

The piece consists of a dark and quiet introduction, featuring a beat with a wah effect, deep synthesizers, strings, and guitar. This section ends suddenly, quickly transitioning to a lone wah guitar melody. It is soon joined by a loud beat and percussive bass and guitar and the return of the guitar melody from the first section. This is followed by a buildup with a new distorted guitar riff, increasing in intensity until it gives way to a beatless reprise of the introduction. On the CD and presumably cassette versions of The Fragile, "The Mark Has Been Made" ends with a short fragment of the song "10 Miles High," a track cut from these formats but that appears after "The Mark Has Been Made" on the vinyl versions of "The Fragile," albeit on a different side.

The Mark Has Been Made (And All That Could Have Been)

See Live below.


Backed by watery and flaming visuals, the live structure remained basically the same except for the ending: the first section before the wah guitar was shortened, and the buildup following it was more concise. The last section saw the band erupting into an entirely new riff, one that seems to echo the chords of the guitar-heavy middle section of "The Way Out Is Through", with Reznor wailing on top. It segued directly into "Wish."

Previous track - "Where Is Everybody?" Track 16 from The Fragile Right (CD), Side D (Vinyl) Next track - "'CD: Please, Cassette: Please(+appendage), Vinyl: 10 Miles High"