Things Falling Apart

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Halo 16 - Things Falling Apart

Things Falling Apart (also known as Halo 16), released in 2000, is described as a collection of "various manipulations of songs recorded from The Fragile sessions".

A two-track promotional version of Into The Void was released in the US and incorrectly labeled as Halo 16.

Track Listing

  1. "Slipping Away"
  2. "The Great Collapse"
  3. "The Wretched" (Version)
  4. "Starf***ers, Inc." (Version)
  5. "The Frail" (Version)
  6. "Starf***ers, Inc." (Version)
  7. "Where Is Everybody?" (Version)
  8. "Metal"
  9. "10 Miles High" (Version)
  10. "Starf***ers, Inc." (Version)

Album Credits

Manipulated by:

  • Management: John A. Malm, Jr. for Conservative
  • Publicity: Susan Celia Swan for Nothing
  • International: Simon Baeyertz for Nothing
  • Design and photography: Rob Sheridan
  • Special thanks: Jeff Anderson and Steve Bottomley