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This One Is On Us

This One Is On Us is the name of a [1] fan organisation that specializes in Nine Inch Nails live video releases. The project was originally created in response to an announcement by Trent Reznor that plans for a 3D DVD of the Lights In The Sky Tour had been abandoned. The group decided to create its own DVD release [2]. After a round of voting, Another Version of the Truth was chosen to be the DVD title, continuing the tradition of naming NIN concert videos after a certain song (And All That Could Have Been, Beside You In Time).

While this particular project was well-underway, the group also worked on several other releases, including The Downward Spiral : Live[3], a very popular release documenting of the first out of two ever live performances of The Downward Spiral in its entirety, played on August 23rd 2009, at Webster Hall in New York City. This specific project earned the group the attention of the band members themselves, who all tweeted about the release, impressed by its quality. Rob Sheridan also posted about on the official NIN website on October 23rd, 2009 [4].

On December 18th, the group released the final trailer [5] for Another Version of the Truth, released as three seperate torrents respectively on December 25th 2009, January 25th 2010 and February 25th 2010, and followed by a physical release. One DVD is comprised of footage filmed in Las Vegas on 13 December, 2008 at the final date of the 2008 North American tour. The other DVD is compiled from over 400 gigabytes of high-definition footage from three other stops on the tour, released as a Christmas and New Year gift from Nine Inch Nails. The other DVD was filled with bonus material, including making-of documentaries, bonus videos of rarely played songs, interviews and more.


Another Version Of The Truth


NIN's final date of the Lights In The Sky Tour, filmed and organised entirely by fans.

Show used:

The Gift

NIN had originally intended to film the entirety of three shows of the Lights In The Sky Tour in 3D, using James Cameron's 3D team, for release on what would have been NIN's last live album. Due to the record label pulling out at the last minute, the project could not be completed, but the footage was nevertheless shot and released to fans for them to do as they wished. This One Is On Us quickly took the footage and made the footage into a full length concert DVD, to twin with the previously made Vegas disc.

Shows used:

Bonus content

A third section for the Another Version Of The Truth release, this contains rare live footage, interviews and documentaries.

The Downward Spiral: Live

On one of NIN's final ever shows, the band surprised the crowd by playing the entirety of The Downward Spiral" live, which also produced the first ever playing of "A Warm Place". This footage was taken entirely by fans and edited by the same team that worked on the AVOTT release.

Show used:

NIN:Australia 2009

A short DVD release containing all of the videos shot by Rob Sheridan during the Australia section of the Wave Goodbye tour, plus two live videos from Europe 2007.

Lights In The Sky: Rehearsals

The entirety of the final dress rehearsal, performed for just 300 NIN fans, of the Lights In The Sky Tour

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