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I don't really know 'when' exactly. It's a series of moments rather than one defining moment. There are others who have spoken to me in the same way as you had. There are 6 total. I have met the both of Them in addition to your source. Plus, there's Brian and another, whom I think, still consort with your same source. Oh well. All things work for the good of those...

You know he's a liar, right? "A lie, the truth, which one shall I use? Whatchya gonna do? I know."

Right now are the good times, the good ‘ol days as it were... I hope I can remember (after I forget for a while). Got my fish hook scar.

Don't worry, we're not going

I’m at the best of my worst... I don’t hold it against you. ... This is me... change starts now. Tired...very tired. Yay God!

God help me All I have is time I wish I didn't know