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Leavinghope703 is an avid NIN fan and has contributed to several pages so far (some contributions were minor however). She goes by the name Liz in real life and happens to currently own 10 of the 24 Halos that exist at the moment. She is still working on her collection...

Liz's username comes from one of her favorite songs of all time, Leaving Hope. She loves this song and all of the songs from the Still disc, which accompanies the live And All That Could Have Been deluxe edition. 7/03 2006 was the date that she first saw NIN live in concert, but she had been a fan since she first heard Closer four years ago, at the age of 13.

Some of the other musical artists this user is interested in includes...
Tori Amos
David Usher
The Smashing Pumpkins
The Dresden Dolls
and much more.

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