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Number: 24.6.1


Viability Index is scrambled in line code on different localized US and UK versions of the Year Zero CD booklets as well as a flier from the OSR LA meeting. One or two pieces are missing.

Compiled lines from US/UK CD booklets and OSR LA meetup flier


Viability Index is a real estate guide for cities affected by the "climate change." Its portents are grim; every city depicted is wracked by some kind of disaster on a regular basis. Cities are getting hotter. Alaska is temperate. Mexico City is "hell on earth." The site is darkly humorous, as every location depicted (even those currently or constantly at war) includes some lines of spin for potential buyers, even the lowest-rated in the website (rated .4 in a system with 4 at the average), which is described as lethally hot, lawless, squalid, and very affordable.

This is the first Year Zero website to link to a modern-day, Year -15 website, among them an environmental website describing the effects of rising water levels on the United States and several other sites describing the environmental concerns of other countries.