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We're In This Together is actually a collection of 3 CDs distributed in Europe and Japan to promote the single "We're In This Together" from the album The Fragile. Due to it's rarity when released along with the fact that the single was not officially released in the US, this collection is a very coveted item for NIN memorabilia collectors.

Track Listing

CD 1 (Green)

  1. "We're In This Together"
  2. "10 Miles High"
  3. "The New Flesh"

CD 2 (Orange)

  1. "We're In This Together" (Radio Edit)
  2. "The Day The World Went Away" (Quiet Version)
  3. "The Day The World Went Away" (Porter Ricks Mix)

CD 3 (Yellow)

  1. "We're In This Together"
  2. "Complications Of The Flesh"
  3. "The Perfect Drug"