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("Another Version of the Truth Forum" Aliases [http://www.anotherversionofthetruth.com/forum.htm])
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*[http://www.ninwiki.com/Shatter36 Shatter 36]  
*[http://www.ninwiki.com/Shatter36 Shatter 36]
=== [[U.S. Wiretap|U.S. Wiretap Site]] [http://www.uswiretap.com/71839j/] ===
=== [[U.S. Wiretap|U.S. Wiretap Site]] [http://www.uswiretap.com/71839j/] ===

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Important Persons

Another Version of the Truth Forum [1]

Vince- 22, shot while sitting in someone else's car staring up at the sky. Died on 2/9/0000 AKA "QuietContrary."

Suyai Abbot- Pulled into a white van by two black clad figures.

Dylan Chast- "University of South Florida, Sarasota Manatee, may have been at the Quaker Outreach center on Feb 5, during the raid."

Kyle Bilgare- Missing person, last seen around "fork" street. Possibly Fort street.

I Am Trying To Believe Site [2]

Calista Whitcomb- Author, refused to drink water and allegedly killed herself. [3]

Dahlasik C., Allbright L., Grunewald N.: Cited in report about Parepin's affect on declining birth rates [4]

Jerry Bomzer: NFL Commissioner

Church of Plano Site [5]

Pastor Johnson

Pastor Green

Bill Chapman- Experienced the "Presence"

Tyler Chapman- Took in by the Barnet(t) Family. Possible Son of Bill Chapman.

Barnet(t) Family- Took in Tyler Chapman after "Chapman family tragedy"

105th Airborne Crusaders Site [6]

John Fellstone MSgt - (Master Sergeant) Retired, wrote on the main page, seems to run the 105th site.

Pvt Gordon Shula - (Private) From Valentine, Nebraska, died 25th December in Southern Syria.

Cpl Jill Nasmith - (Corporal) Died 25th December.

Pvt Bunde - (Private) Was with Badland.

Dave P. MSgt. Ret'd - (Master Sergeant) Retired,

Cpl. Joseph M. - (Corporal) Wrote the poem about the Uranium Angel.

Murray S. Mjr. Ret'd - (Major) Retired,

Lt. Ramsay - (Liutenant) Wrote about South Africa, mentions Mammon.

'Badland - (Also called Badand) Wounded severely head/collarbone in Post-Iran, survived.

Be the Hammer Site [7]

Mallory- 19, part of the resistance, stoned to death, gave BeTheHammer a lock of her hair.

Consolidated Mail Systems Site [8]


Angry Sniper - A man who blew up Wrigley Field, and assasinated someone important. He goes by the alias "BeTheHammer" which more than likely ties him to bethehammer.net

"Another Version of the Truth Forum" Aliases [9]

  • VoxIsMyCowboy
  • Romeisburning
  • ShiHuang
  • Che2
  • Sunset Clause
  • AVT019
  • ticktock9
  • GrogeousGeorge [sic]
  • Gradiosity
  • 8ballz
  • AVT80
  • Fiddler5Weather
  • AVT666
  • fairisfair
  • BeTheHammer
  • HumanInterest
  • Px Harmonica
  • AVT001
  • Phil&Sophie
  • Chicago Anon
  • Victor12
  • AVT019
  • AVT092
  • RedRover
  • om83
  • outrage
  • NotGunShy10
  • Lengüetaindia
  • giventake
  • Haberdasher
  • McLuhan Disciple
  • Kingdomcome
  • Guiltfree
  • lovemonger
  • kidwithacam
  • musiclover06
  • mitzvah
  • AVT201
  • Angelfood
  • Shatter 36
  • Philomela

U.S. Wiretap Site [10]

Claire Sikes - Agent leading official inquiry into Slanki's actions on February 7th.

Jeff Slanski - Police Sergeant on the scene for during Feburary 7th "terrorist incident"

Unidentified Female Agent - Responsible for cleanup operation. Reported by Slanski to cry orange tears.


Synes Brothers: Carlos Synes - A Columbian druglord. He is mentioned here.

Opalo.mp3 Woman/Lengüetaindia - A woman who is in Meta, Columbia. More here.

Son of Imam - The son of a Imam who was caught in a terrorist bust. More here.

Sunday School Strangler - Mentioned by Son of Imam as being a member of the Church of Plano here.

Mia - A girl who was in the Star Chamber that the cops locked down. More info at 216.333.1810.