Year Zero Individuals

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Important Persons

Another Version of the Truth Forum [1]

Vince- 22, shot while sitting in someone else's car staring up at the sky. Died on 2/9/0000 AKA "QuietContrary."

Suyai Abbot- Pulled into a white van by two black clad figures.

Dylan Chast- "University of South Florida, Sarasota Manatee, may have been at the Quaker Outreach center on Feb 5, during the raid."

Kyle Bilgare- Missing person, last seen around "fork" street. Possibly Fort street.

I Am Trying To Believe Site [2]

Calista Whitcomb- Author, refused to drink water and allegedly killed herself. [3]

Dahlasik C., Allbright L., Grunewald N.: Cited in report about Parepin's affect on declining birth rates [4]

Jerry Bomzer: NFL Commissioner

Church of Plano Site [5]

Pastor Johnson

Pastor Green

Bill Chapman- Experienced the "Presence"

Tyler Chapman- Took in by the Barnet(t) Family. Possible Son of Bill Chapman.

Barnet(t) Family- Took in Tyler Chapman after "Chapman family tragedy"

105th Airborne Crusaders Site [6]

John Fellstone MSgt - (Master Sergeant) Retired, wrote on the main page, seems to run the 105th site.

Pvt Gordon Shula - (Private) From Valentine, Nebraska, died 25th December in Southern Syria.

Cpl Jill Nasmith - (Corporal) Died 25th December.

Pvt Bunde - (Private) Was with Badland.

Dave P. MSgt. Ret'd - (Master Sergeant) Retired,

Cpl. Joseph M. - (Corporal) Wrote the poem about the Uranium Angel.

Murray S. Mjr. Ret'd - (Major) Retired,

Lt. Ramsay - (Liutenant) Wrote about South Africa, mentions Mammon.

'Badland - (Also called Badand) Wounded severely head/collarbone in Post-Iran, survived.

Be the Hammer Site [7]

Mallory- 19, part of the resistance, stoned to death, gave BeTheHammer a lock of her hair.

Consolidated Mail Systems Site [8]


Angry Sniper - A man who blew up Wrigley Field, and assasinated someone important. He goes by the alias "BeTheHammer" which more than likely ties him to

"Another Version of the Truth Forum" Aliases [9]

  • VoxIsMyCowboy
  • Romeisburning
  • ShiHuang
  • Che2
  • Sunset Clause
  • AVT019
  • ticktock9
  • GrogeousGeorge [sic]
  • Gradiosity
  • 8ballz
  • AVT80
  • Fiddler5Weather
  • AVT666
  • fairisfair
  • BeTheHammer
  • HumanInterest
  • Px Harmonica
  • AVT001
  • Phil&Sophie
  • Chicago Anon
  • Victor12
  • AVT019
  • AVT092
  • RedRover
  • om83
  • outrage
  • NotGunShy10
  • Lengüetaindia
  • giventake
  • Haberdasher
  • McLuhan Disciple
  • Kingdomcome
  • Guiltfree
  • lovemonger
  • kidwithacam
  • musiclover06
  • mitzvah
  • AVT201
  • Angelfood
  • Shatter 36
  • Philomela

U.S. Wiretap Site [10]

Claire Sikes - Agent leading official inquiry into Slanki's actions on February 7th.

Jeff Slanski - Police Sergeant on the scene for during Feburary 7th "terrorist incident"

Unidentified Female Agent - Responsible for cleanup operation. Reported by Slanski to cry orange tears.


Synes Brothers: Carlos Synes - A Colombian druglord. He is mentioned here.

Opalo.mp3 Woman/Lengüetaindia - A woman who is in Meta, Colombia. More here.

Son of Imam - The son of a Imam who was caught in a terrorist bust. More here.

Sunday School Strangler - Mentioned by Son of Imam as being a member of the Church of Plano here.

Mia - A girl who was in the Star Chamber that the cops locked down. More info at 216.333.1810.