Year Zero Individuals

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Important Persons

People Present on Multiple Websites

Angry Sniper / BeTheHammer - Former member of the 105th, who blew up Wrigley Field,[1] and assassinated someone important. He goes by the alias "BeTheHammer" which more than likely ties him to[2][3][4][5]

Neil Czerno - Founded Open Source Resistance in March of -15 BA after seeing some "scary shit on the web." He promoted subversive art across multiple platforms culminating in placing an un-American video in a news broadcast in -8 BA. Afterwards he went into exile in Europe and continued speaking against the Powers That Be. In the end, his plan did not work; he was denied work permits, and medical care for his dieing wife. On 15 Jan 0000 he was extradited back to the United States, and executed on 4 Feb 0000. It is possible he is the AIR artist that went missing.[6][7][8][9]

John Ferminger / John of Boston - [10][11]

Jed Mather - A moderate American diplomat, who was executed using the [Red Horse Vector|Red Horse Virus] by Algerian terrorists on 2 Feb -2 BA. He becomes a martyr, and the Mather Law strips American Muslims of most of their remaining rights.[12][13]

People by Website

105th Airborne Crusaders

John Fellstone MSgt (Ret'd) - (Master Sergeant) Retired, wrote on the main page, seems to run the 105th site.[14]

Pvt Gordon Shula - (Private) From Valentine, Nebraska[15], died 25th December in Southern Syria.[16]

Cpl Jill Nasmith - (Corporal) Died 25th December.[17]

Pvt Bunde - (Private) Was with Badland.[18]

Dave P. MSgt. (Ret'd) - (Master Sergeant) Retired.[19]

Cpl. Joseph M. - (Corporal) Wrote the poem about the Uranium Angel.[20]

Murray S. Maj. (Ret'd) - (Major) Retired[21]

Lt. Ramsay R. - (Lieutenant) Wrote about South Africa, mentions Mammon.[22]

'Badland - (Also called Badand) Wounded severely head/collarbone in Post-Iran, survived.[23]

Another Version of the Truth


Vince - 22, shot while sitting in someone else's car staring up at the sky. Died on 2/9/0000. AKA "QuietContrary."[24]

Suyai Abbot - Pulled into a white van by two black clad figures.[25]

Dylan Chast - University of South Florida, Sarasota Manatee, may have been at the Quaker Outreach center on Feb 5, during the raid.[26]

Kyle Bilgare - Missing person, last seen around "fork" street. Possibly Fort street.[27] Also possibly Middle Fork St. [28] The terrain around here looks similar to the presence video. [29]

Forum Aliases

  • 8ballz
  • AVT001
  • AVT019
  • AVT80
  • AVT092
  • AVT201
  • AVT666
  • Angelfood
  • BeTheHammer
  • Che2
  • Chicago Anon
  • fairisfair
  • Fiddler5Weather
  • giventake
  • Gradiosity
  • GrogeousGeorge [sic]
  • Guiltfree
  • Haberdasher
  • HumanInterest
  • kidwithacam
  • Kingdomcome
  • Lengüetaindia
  • lovemonger
  • McLuhan Disciple
  • mitzvah
  • musiclover06
  • NotGunShy10
  • om83
  • outrage
  • Phil&Sophie
  • Philomela
  • Px Harmonica
  • RedRover
  • Romeisburning
  • Shatter 36
  • ShiHuang
  • Sunset Clause
  • ticktock9
  • Victor12
  • VoxIsMyCowboy

Audio Clips

BeTheHammer - see above

Synes Brothers: Carlos Synes - A Colombian druglord. He is mentioned in the Columbian woman's audio clip.[30]

Opalo.mp3 Woman/Lengüetaindia - A woman who is in Meta, Colombia.[31][32]

Son of Imam - The son of a Imam who was caught in a terrorist bust.[33][34]

Sunday School Strangler - Mentioned by Son of Imam as being a member of the Church of Plano.[35]

Another Version of the Past (Revisionism)

Jed Mather - see above

First Female President - Impeached, and subsequently Congress now chooses the President.[36]

Be the Hammer

BeTheHammer - see above

Mallory - 19, part of the resistance, stoned to death. Gave BeTheHammer a lock of her hair.[37]

Judson Ogram Correctional Facility

John Ferminger - see above

Moria Wang - Habitual drug user, describes an event when she combined opal with massive amounts of water (Parepin). During this event she felt the entire planet, and said The Presence was not from this planet and they were here to clense the planet of the disease.[38]

Dr. Preston Gantry - Psychologist at Judson Ogram. Interviews John Ferminger and Moria Wang. Eventually remanded for aggressive re-education due to his interview with John Ferminger.[39]

Consolidated Mail Systems


Angry Sniper - see above

Church of Plano

Pastor Johnson[41]

Pastor Green[42]

Bill Chapman- Experienced the "Presence"[43]

Tyler Chapman- Took in by the Barnet(t) Family. Possible Son of Bill Chapman.[44]

Barnet(t) Family- Took in Tyler Chapman after "Chapman family tragedy"[45]

Grace The Teacher

Grandpa - Invites his family to live with him as long rent free as the grandson keeps a journal. He lives out in the country where he drinks Parepin-free well water, and tries to make his grandson understand.[46]

Grandson - Keeps a journal, and unknowingly chronicles his Parepin withdrawl. Eventually him and his family move back into town, and back to Parepin.[47]

Mom - The grandson's mom. She is laid off, and the family takes an offer from the grandfather to live in his trailer. Eventually she finds work, and the family moves back into town.[48]

Dad - The grandson's dad. Became disabled and unable to work. When the mom is laid off, the family takes an offer from the grandfather to live in his trailer.[49]

Hannah - The grandson's sister. Steps on a rusty nail and contracts tetanus. She dies 8 Feb 0000.[50]

Rebekah - Personality from the television show, Celebrity Hook-Up.[51]

Dina - The grandson's girlfriend.[52]

I Am Trying To Believe

Calista Whitcomb- Author, refused to drink water and allegedly killed herself. [53]

Dahlasik C., Allbright L., Grunewald N.: Cited in report about Parepin's affect on declining birth rates [54]

Jerry Bomzer: NFL Commissioner[55]

Operation Chip Sweep

Argentinian Family - Victims of the Chelsea Incident. The parents were beat to death, and the daughters were molested, tied together, and pushed into the water under the Chelsea Bridge in London. This event brought about nerochipping people convicted of violent crimes in the UK (The Scales Act).[56]

Open Source Resistance

Neil Czerno - see above

Red Horse Vector

Jed Mather - see above

Secure Broadcast Informatics

Darren Kroupa - Prominent member of the East Coast dissident scene. Kroupa was wanted on charges of conducting an underground concert series, and numerous other illegal activities. Turned in to the Bureau of Morality by SBI Lead Engineer Marty Chadwick.[57]

Marty Chadwick - SBI Lead Engineer, received a framed Certificate of Citizenship for providing information on Darren Kroupa.[58]

Connie West - US Bureau of Morality Deputy Chief.[59]

Solutions Backwards Initiative

  • Carolina
  • EVA
  • Wayne
  • YI

The Price of Treason

Neil Czerno - see above

The Water Turned To Blood

John of Boston - see above

U.S. Wiretap

Claire Sikes - Agent leading official inquiry into Slanki's actions on February 7th.[60]

Jeff Slanski - Police Sergeant on the scene for during February 7th "terrorist incident"[61]

Unidentified Female Agent - Responsible for cleanup operation. Reported by Slanski to cry orange tears.[62]


Mia - A girl who was in the Star Chamber that the cops locked down. More info at 216.333.1810.