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-Mallory killed  
-Mallory killed  
-Natural disaster hits Miami causing it to be drowned (probably before feb 9th 2022) (http://www.cedocore.com/quiz.htm)
[[Category:World of Year Zero]]
[[Category:World of Year Zero]]

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Specified Dates

2022 = Year Zero

BA = America is "Born Again" (presumably on 1/1/2022)


Year Zero Timeline
BA Date AD Date Event URL
2/??/-13 (2/??/2009) 81st Annual Academy Awards attacked with dirty bomb; more bombs follow. Anaheim attacked with biological weapons. LA is evacuated 3 days later. (Feb date could be March or April as Awards are not a consistant date) [1]
9/??/-13 (9/??/2009) Parepin first introduced to public water in Orlando, Washington DC, NYC, Atlanta, Boston, and subsequently the rest of the nation. [2]
9/??/-13 (9/??/2009) 105th Airborne Crusaders commissioned [3]
12/25/-13 (12/25/2009) 105th first engagement in Syria [4]
 ??/??/-03  ??/??/2019 Bioterrorism "attack" on Northeast [5]
2/2/0000 (2/2/2022) Bethehammer.net Updated [6]
2/4/0000 (2/4/2022) Message posted on "Another Version of the Truth" message board (Obscured) [7]
2/4/0000 (2/4/2022) 105th crusaders spots The Presence from a rooftop [8]
2/5/0000 (2/5/2022) Raid on Quaker Outreach Center at University of South Florida [9]
2/7/0000 (2/7/2022) An underground nightclub dubbed the "Star Chamber" is attacked by some law enforcement organization. [10]
2/7/0000 (2/7/2022) John Ferminger, AKA John of Boston, is admitted into the Judson Ogram Correctional Facility. (He also claims to not have slept since 2/4/0000) [11]
2/9/0000 (2/9/2022) "Angry Sniper" shoots people at baseball game in Chicago in act of "resistance" [12]
2/9/0000 (2/9/2022) Vince shot in his car (sister speculates he had seen the Presence immediately preceding his death) [13]
2/10/0000 (2/10/2022) "Another Version of the Truth" Message board updated (Readable messages) [14]
2/10/0000 Thursday (2/10/2022) "Angry Sniper" sends message to "NoOneImportant" via Consolidated Mail Systems [15]
2/13/0000 Sunday (2/13/2022) FECP sermon on "Whoever Resists the Authority Resists God" (referenced as a future date) [16]

Major Events Without SpecifiedDates

Source [17]

-Seattle experiences a "bioterrorism attack" that people survive due to Parepin usage (perhaps sometime after 2009) [18]

-105th campaigns in Syria, Yemen, Chad, Kashmir, former-Iran, Post-Iran, Turkey (perhaps sometime between 2010 - 2022)[19]

-Conflict in South Africa (sometime near Year Zero, maybe 2020-2022?) [20]

-"The Presence" visitations (recent? 2021-2022?)

-Opal overtakes cocaine as predominant drug (recent? 2020-2022?)

-Mallory killed

-Natural disaster hits Miami causing it to be drowned (probably before feb 9th 2022) (http://www.cedocore.com/quiz.htm)