Year Zero Timeline

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Specified Dates

2022 = Year Zero

BA = America is "Born Again" (presumably on 1/1/2022)


BA Date AD Date Event URL
10/??/-15 (10/??/2007) Military Commission's Act is passed, suspending Habeus Corpus. [1]
1/??/-14 (1/??/2008) President Bush leaves office. [2]
2/22/-13 (2/22/2009) 81st Annual Academy Awards attacked with dirty bomb utilizing ricin; more bombs follow. Anaheim attacked with biological weapons. LA is evacuated 3 days later. [3][4]
3/??/-13 (3/??/2009) The U.S. initiates nuclear strikes on Iran and North Korea in retaliation for the ricin attack on 2/22/-13. It is contested whether there was evidence as to who was behind the ricin attack. [5]
8/??/-13 (8/??/2009} Angered by continuing agression, Muslim countries and terrorist groups unite and declare Jihad on the U.S. [6]
9/??/-13 (9/??/2009) Parepin first introduced to public water in Orlando, Washington DC, NYC, Atlanta, Boston, and subsequently the rest of the nation. The Emergency Measures act is passed which restricts free speech, and the resulting protesters are imprisoned and/or executed. [7] [8]
9/??/-13 (9/??/2009) 105th Airborne Crusaders commissioned [9]
12/25/-13 (12/25/2009) 105th first engagement in Syria [10]
5/-9 - 9/-9 (5/2013-9/2013) The governments of the African continent fall apart. Calls for help from the African Union go unanswered. [11]
7/-7 - 10/-7 (7/2015 - 10/2015) India-Pakistan War. The war ends with the mutually assured destruction of both countries. [12]
 ??/??/-04 (??/??/2018) "Chelsea Incident" at World Cup in England [13]
11/??/-04 (11/??/2018) The first female President of the United States is impeached and convicted of treason. As a result, legislation is pushed through that ends free elections and allows the President to be chosen by a congressional panel. [14]
4/??/-03 (4/??/2019) Bioterrorism "attack" on Seattle. The government states that the populace was saved by Parepin in the water, while others contend that the attack was staged by the government. [15]
2/??/-02 (2/??/2020) Jed Mather (an American diplomat) is murdered in Algeria. The resulting Mather law strips further civil rights. [16]
1/??/-01 (1/??/2021) International corporations and world governments form the "Coalition for Peace". [17]
1/2/0000 (1/2/2022} The United States (with the aid of the Coalition for Peace) establishes a new international calendar. [18]
2/2/0000 (2/2/2022) Updated [19]
2/4/0000 (2/4/2022) Message posted on "Another Version of the Truth" message board (Obscured) [20]
2/4/0000 (2/4/2022) 105th crusaders spots The Presence from a rooftop [21]
2/5/0000 (2/5/2022) Raid on Quaker Outreach Center at University of South Florida [22]
2/7/0000 (2/7/2022) An underground nightclub dubbed the "Star Chamber" is attacked by some law enforcement organization. [23]
2/7/0000 (2/7/2022) John Ferminger, AKA John of Boston, is admitted into the Judson Ogram Correctional Facility. (He also claims to not have slept since 2/4/0000) [24]
2/9/0000 (2/9/2022) "Angry Sniper" shoots people at baseball game in Chicago in act of "resistance" [25]
2/9/0000 (2/9/2022) Vince shot in his car (sister speculates he had seen the Presence immediately preceding his death) [26]
2/10/0000 (2/10/2022) "Another Version of the Truth" Message board updated (Readable messages) [27]
2/10/0000 Thursday (2/10/2022) "Angry Sniper" sends message to "NoOneImportant" via Consolidated Mail Systems [28]
2/13/0000 Sunday (2/13/2022) FECP sermon on "Whoever Resists the Authority Resists God" (referenced as a future date) [29]

Major Events Without Specified Dates

Source [30]

-105th campaigns in Syria, Yemen, Chad, Kashmir, former-Iran, Post-Iran, Turkey (perhaps sometime between 2010 - 2022)[31]

-"The Presence" visitations (recent? 2021-2022?)

-Opal overtakes cocaine as predominant drug (recent? 2020-2022?)

-Mallory killed

-Natural disaster hits Miami causing it to be drowned (probably before feb 9th 2022) [32]