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* People now have Child-rearing scores.  These scores determine your capability as a parent.
* People now have Child-rearing scores.  These scores determine your capability as a parent.
* Nerochips are put into people on their right wrist, presumably everyone since even celebrities and heads of state have them.  They've also been around for a while since the chips have reached a fifth version atleast.
* Neurochips are put into people on their right wrist, presumably everyone since even celebrities and heads of state have them.  They've also been around for a while since the chips have reached a fifth version at least.
Source for above 3: [http://www.themailstrom.com/tumbrel_ad44us.htm here]
Source for above 3: [http://www.themailstrom.com/tumbrel_ad44us.htm here]

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This page is for everyone to fill in solid facts about the world of Year Zero. Please put facts that can't be proven absolutely in the speculation section torwards the bottom. Furthermore, please source any information for any facts added (unless it is common knowledge, aka the sky is blue). Please also don't add facts that pertain to individuals only, such as: Such and such died, this guy died, she said this on this day. We want solid worldly information that affects year zero as a whole (major players like the president or other head figures could be facts)

Solid Facts

--Note, these aren't put in any chronological order, perhaps later though--

Instances of Control

  • A government organization called: The Bureau of Morality. It retains control over most aspects of citizens lives, and in itself has other subsections, one being Child and Family Services.
  • People aren't allowed to just have children. Courses must be taken before regular contact with a child is allowed. "We are not supposed to allow anyone who has not completed their Family & Morality class to have contact with a child."

Source for above 2: here

  • People now have "Citizen Points", the way these points affect citizens aren't entirely known, though an e-mail discussing them mentions that they could possibly affect your ability to get a promotion.
  • People now have Child-rearing scores. These scores determine your capability as a parent.
  • Neurochips are put into people on their right wrist, presumably everyone since even celebrities and heads of state have them. They've also been around for a while since the chips have reached a fifth version at least.

Source for above 3: here

  • Citizens are encouraged to inform the government of subversive activities or thoughts by other people. Much like "1984". Subversive youths are regularly sent to boot camp.

Source: here

  • There are internet access controls placed in China, leading to underground illegal net cafes. Not entirely known if the U.S. has placed these types of controls on it's citizens.

Source: here

Banned Media

(Fill in list of banned books, their excerpt, and the books subjects as to why it was banned)

Environmental Problems

  • The 'Red Tide' has been greatly affecting areas of the U.S. it never has before (as far north as Boston), due to global warming. This phenomenon is called an algeal bloom, it causes the water to become infested with algea turning it different colors (in the World of Year Zero so far it has been red). This kills all aquatic life and causes the water to stink and become toxic.

Source: here

  • Endangered species are now hunted for sport and for the title of 'Omega Man'. An Omega Man referres to someone who has killed the last of a species. Currently as of Feb 10th, there is an Omega Man advertisement for the Black Bear. Species known to have been killed by clients of the Omega Man association are: the lynx, the snow leopard, and the orangutan.

Source: here

  • According to the statements made by Angry Sniper, baseball is able to be played in Febuary. In present day this couldn't happen because it would be to cold, leading to the conclusion that global warming has heated up one of the coldest months of the year to the point where baseball can be enjoyed outside.

Source: You can infer a lot from the recording, but there is already an excellent article made about this explaining it in full here, thanks to Ledgekindred.

  • The climate has become so unseasonably hot that spring break can be held in Greenbay, Wisconsin. Florida is most likely swamped with heat and Miami is quickly becoming water logged.

Source: here

Erosion of Rights

  • People aren't allowed to gather in excess of 20, violating the First Amendment.

-Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Source: here

  • Seperation of Church and State is a thing of the past, Government organizations now freely talk about God and God's will in justification of their actions.

Source: Look anywhere!

Attacks and Wars

  • The U.S. has already finished conquering Iraq and has moved onto and completed conquering Iran and other places.
  • The 105th Airborne Crusaders were formed in response to the 2009 attacks of Los Angeles.
  • The 105th did many tours of various places in the middle east: "Since then, the 105th has seen rotos in Yemen, Chad, Kashmir, former-Iran, post-Iran and Turkey."
  • The 105th were all killed in a nuclear attack, the location is unknown.

"For the unit’s bravery in continuing to quash Kashmir extremists up until the very moment nuclear exchange was confirmed imminent, the President awarded the 105th the Presidential Unit Citation."

Source for above 4: here

  • 2009-Los Angeles was attacked by the dirty bombs

Source: "The first dirty bomb went off at the Kodak Theater during the 81st Annual Academy Awards Ceremony." Found here.

  • There was another terror attack in 2019, somewhere in the North East. (referring to the written part at the bottom, not the article). Also there was an attack in Seattle.

Source: here

  • Detroit, St. Louis, and New Orleans are abandoned. Reasons unknown at the moment, but most likely from terrorist attacks much like the ones at Los Angeles.
  • Iran is pretty much a waste land, 'ice patrol duty' is actually a reference to the sand turned to glass from nuclear bombs. The very north area of Iran is the only area that seems to retained any normalcy.

"Right now we’re at Yüksekova on the edge of the ice doing patrol duty. Ice is what everybody calls that slag after the nukes but actually, Urmia in post-Iran is pretty much normal—it doesn’t get radioactive until you go farther south"

Sources for above 2: here

  • China is the U.S.' most aggressive ally in fighting Muslim extremists in Mongolia and Indonesia, etc.

Source: here


  • After the 2009 attacks on Los Angeles and Anaheim (another city in California), the Government issued Parepin into the drinking water of Orlando Florida. It was meant to protect against biological attacks by bootstrapping the immune system. But information on iamtryingtobelieve.com has stated that parepin is meant to change seritonin and dopamine levels to keep people sedated and easy to manipulate.

Source: here

  • Parepin is said to reduce sexual potency, causing a decline in birth rates.

Source: here

  • Parepin also goes by the name: Zeridine

Source: here

  • Parepin as well as other drugs are manufactured by Cedocore

Source: here


  • Opal's official name is hycephamitamyn.

Source: here

  • Opal has replaced Cocaine as the lead drug in America, this is due to global warming in that coca leaves rot before they can be dried and processed. Since the replacement of Cocaine with Opal, Cocaine is no longer needed causing economic strife in South American countries.

Source: here

  • Opal is most commonly used by injection into the eye, this causes the users eye whites to turn black.
  • Opal users commonly have quasi-religious experiences, such as Moira Waag. "Occasionally, Opal users will...feel the rape of Gaia from man's greed and short-sightedness." -from consolidated mail systems.

Source:here Source: here

  • Opal is manufactured by the Cedocore company, the company that made Parepin.

Source: here

The Presence

  • "The Presence" has been spotted in not just the U.S. "Berne Switzerland wasn’t drugged with Parepin-infused drinking water. And a couple tourists took this photo in Walensee."

Source: here

  • The Presence, once thought to only be a result of Opal induced hallucinations, has been seen by people drug free without a history of drug use what so ever - namely John of Boston.

Source: here

  • People who publicly discuss the presence are captured and sent to Judson Ogram Correctional Facility

Source: here


  • Certain animals, namely Presa Canarios, pit bulls, Dobermans, and German Shepherds have become illegal to own. They are now only government bred and owned, and are often mistreated.

Source: here


  • Based on conflict on the Art is Resistance website, between passive resistant fighters and more aggressive ones, there are most likely two different main groups of resistors to the current administration of Year Zero.
  • Trent Reznor might be in jail, or dead.