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9inchnails.cz is a Czech fansite of Nine Inch Nails with high amount of informations including discography, lyrics (also Czech translations) and downloads. It's partly written in English (almost all headers and important links) and Czech. It also includes Czech board about Nine Inch Nails. The site has very stylish design.


Site was created in year 2003 by Ondřej Petrunčík, who left project and gave it to other users, who paid hosting for another one year. He also written most of information about Nine Inch Nails like biography, band members, discography. Other people can add information by sending an e-mail to current administrator (altought now, there is no one) - this is how some lyrics and translations got into place. Ondřej Petrunčík also programmed best NIN song poll (its results can be found on http://best.9inchnails.cz/)


Last update: 27.1.2009

Main Page

This page includes links to three web subsections - year zero research website, best NIN song voting and 9inchnails.cz information page and message board.

This page has not standard web desing, its a simple black screen with a logo of project in the middle and links at the bottom.


Header image: Person from Pinion music video

News section features some interesting functions (listed from the top to bottom) under NEWS headline:

  • RSS feed link
    • Button for RSS feed
  • What brought this day in a Nine Inch Nails history?
    • When a new day comes, database is analysed and application shows if something important happened in this day in Nine Inch Nails history (e.g.: Robin Finck came to band for a first time).
  • Actual
    • Standard news - last update shows a download link to The Slip.
  • nin.com news feed
    • Shows latest nin.com news.
  • theninhotline.com news feed


Header image: Trent Reznor running in propably We're In This Together (song) music video

This section stores 11 pages full of images of band, Trent Reznor and shots from clips.


Header image: Shot from The Perfect Drug (song) music video

This section includes two pages of NIN wallpapers (live performances, art, Trent Reznor and clips) mostly with 1024x768 pixels resolution.


Header image: Shot from The Perfect Drug (song) music video (probably lying hand)

This section includes selection of animated gifs from NIN music videos. It incorporates something like player, when you enter first its off, by clicking videoclip name it opens a gif file. Player can be stopped by clicking button on the side of frame where are displayed gifs.



Header image: Hardly identificable, but it looks like shot from The Day The World Went Away (song) music video

Section collectes four pages of Nine Inch Nails posters from different live performances, halo advertisement and more.


Header image: Trent Reznor holding a microphone in Closer music video

As one of the smallest sections, this logo section includes few NIN related logos. This page is unique due to its programming. When you click on any thumbnail of logo, it appears as separated window which can be freely moved in browser's window.

Logos included:

CD Covers

Header image: Heart from the beggining of the Closer music video

This section includes cover to all Nine Inch Nails full-length albums and remixes with exception of The Slip and Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D. There are also few covers of Broken EP (and its remix album Fixed) and few singles.

CD covers (from oldest to newest):


Header image: There is no header image

Clicking link brings you to a especially designed page with a scrollable release list on the left (images). By clicking images a space on the right is filled with information about tracklist, release date, cover and more.

It includes every release with exception of The Slip

Video and DVD

Header image: Shot from Sin song

This section includes all NIN's video and DVD releases including Broken Movie. By clicking cover/image of release you get to page with detailed information with tracklist, lenght and more.


Header image: Image unkwnown

This section should include many of NIN's videos but it was all links to Youtube and that videos were deleted.


Header image: Reznor's face, maybe from Into The Void (song) music video

This section includes full list of Reznor's soundtrack work (with whole tracklists).

Section describes following soundtracks (from older to newer):


Header image: Some unknown animal

This section includes information about Reznor's side projects and pre-nin activities. It has three sections with a number of informations (from older to newer):


Header image: No header

This section has different design than other pages (like Releases section) and has a wide database of NIN lyrics. But the most interesting things are czech translations accessible by clicking button Translations (in czech Překlady).

Translated songs:


Header image: No header

This section also incorporates different design with main menu on top and two links in front of Reznors head and NIN logo. One of them - BAND - leads onto list and details about band members, while other - STORY - is about Reznor and history of NIN up to end of With Teeth era. This STORY subsection has unique style with mirror text at the background, very atmospheric images from performances, clips and photoshooting. Reznor's (and NIN's) history is awesomely detailed in almost every aspect.


Header image: This image looks like photo of flies

This section is full of material for download including some adio clips, video material and other stuff like screensavers, icons and other things.

Message Board

Header image: no header

This link leads to PhpBB based message board about Nine Inch Nails. One of the most famous czech NIN fan 161090 is posting there.


Header image: no header

This link leads to a list of members of message board.


Header image: Image Unknown

This section contains links to czech and non-czech NIN related sites.


Header image: No header

Section with different design which shows small info about web pages.


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