A Violet Fluid

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"A Violet Fluid"
Album: March Of The Pigs
Length: 1:05
Tempo: 79 BPM
Versions: A Violet Fluid
Live: Unperformed

"A Violet Fluid" is a B-side from The Downward Spiral era, and appears on both versions of the March Of The Pigs single, as well as the Deluxe Edition of The Downward Spiral. Lasting just over a minute, it is an instrumental track which is very drum-and-bass centered. On some pressings of March Of The Pigs, the track is misspelled as "A Violent Fluid".

Song Credits



  • March Of The Pigs
  • The Downward Spiral Deluxe Edition


A Violet Fluid

This is the only known version. It consists solely of drum, bass, synthesizer, and noise loops. Curiously, it transitions directly from the end of "All the Pigs, All Lined Up."


"A Violet Fluid" has never been played live.

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