Black Bomb (Jerry In The Bag)

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Black Bomb (Jerry In The Bag) is a song by Wink, featuring the vocals of Trent Reznor.

The song featured on Wink's 1998 album "Herehear", and gave credits to Reznor under "vocals and additional stuff".


Black Bomb (Jerry In The Bag)

This is the only known version


  • Herehear - Wink

Trent's involvement

In an interview with Josh Wink, Wink explained the track's creation.

DMA: Speaking of "Black Bomb" how did the cameo appearance from Trent Reznor come about?
WINK: Originally, it was a track that I was playing out on DAT in the middle of my set to throw a wrench into things like I like to do. People were always running up to me wondering what the track was seeing that it was slow but it had good dynamics in it. I figured that I wanted to take the song to the next level and that because it was kinda electro-ish hip hoppy, that I would get Kool Keith from the Ultramagnetic MC's on it. We all worked it out and I was going to fly out to San Francisco and do this and in the midst of getting all this information about when I was going to go out, nobody knew where he was. His management didn't know where he was, nobody knew where he was. I didn't have time to screw around so someone suggested a couple of other singers and Trent's name came up. So I sent it to him and our A+R person at Columbia Jason Jordan knew a friend of Trent's, so he got in touch with his friend and found out Trent was interested in doing it and I sent him the ADAT and he did it. I never went down there and he didn't come up here. His crew took care of things down there and we sent tape between each other and he did his thing and I did my thing from there


   Taking over, assisting with my revelation 
   Empty spaces, as if it was an invitation 
   Your invasion, exceeding every expectation 
   Now I feed from the many mouths of your persuasion 

   Resurrection, infection, as I fade away 
   There's no fear, there is nothing left to make me stay 
   Fitting in my new skin, just tell me what to do
   I'm defined, I am blind, I am a part of you 

   Big black bomb, attack 
   Break down resistance, fight back 
   Big black bomb, attack 
   Break down resistance, fight back
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