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Number: 24.21.1

Background Text: Wild Thorns by Sahar Khalifeh


Found through the scorpion shard on The Mailstrom.


The site is an early research paper abstract, annotated with Flash based comments which, when clicked, reveal in page comment conversations between the apparently relevant people to this study. The end product is not conclusive beyond promoting itself as an early explainer and proposal for increased funding to further research. --or-- The content looks like the first/early draft of a research proposal or grant application; no research has been done, and there are several options illustrated for topics to be discussed in said proposed research project. The dialogue looks to be from the named contributors to the paper/research (see top of page). Seems to be meant to suggest to the reader new ways to think about "the presence" (meteorological phenomena/extraterrestrial communication are both new ideas to me) and gives the presence more subjective clout: an apparently respectable and analytical scientist has experienced first hand and been affected, presumably without coming into contact with opal or anything else that would make the account less reliable. The paper also offers data refuting the Presence as a theological entity, more specifically the discussion of anecdotal evidence and the accompanying bar graph.

Of special interest is the fact that one of the authors, Timothy Eskaran, has personally witnessed The Presence. As he is listed as first author, and is listed as a graduate student of Boston University, it is possible although unconfirmed that he witnessed the same event as John of Boston. A possible hint is discussion in the notes about how Eskaran had a "religious experience", something he admits he would like to protest, but cannot. Also of interest is currently, Boston University is constructing an extremely controversial infectious-disease research laboratory.

It may also be worth noting the frequent insinuations that what we know of The Presence may, in fact, be affected by elements of human consciousness; meaning, certain elements of The Presence that have so far been taken for granted, may eventually be revealed to be elements of human consciousness transferred onto the phenomenon.

For example, from the pictures, video and first hand accounts given, the foremost obvious characteristic of The Presence is that it is the form of a “huge arm”. However, it is suggested here that

“The perception of a ‘huge arm’ is probably an anthropomorphic/neurological bias.” -Explaining The Presence: Outlining Origin Theories

This may be disregarded as another attempt to ‘rationalize’ The Presence, however the frequency with which this bias is suggested makes the possibility of a universally skewed perception of The Presence worth noting, or at the very least, makes the factor of that possibility significant. Overall this forces us to question even what little we think we know about The Presence at this point.

“The larger question remains of whether first hand accounts represent an epiphenomenon of consciousness or whether they represent a valid perception of reality, albeit filtered by human consciousness.” -Brian Tsunoda, Subjective Evidence: First Hand Accounts

“Your personal experience is going to bias your thinking.” -Irina Youket, Comment #4

“But the fundamental question is really whether my subjective experience was simply an epiphenomenon of consciousness, or was in fact a true perception of reality, albeit filtered by consciousness.” -Timothy Eskaran, Comment # 8

Vox Telecom

The term Vox Telecom appears in this site, as it has in others. While generally it is minor mention, it is interesting to note this is a real Cellular Service Provider in Europe.


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