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Hurt (also known as Halo 10) is the promotional single for the song from 1994's The Downward Spiral.

Promotional Single

"Hurt" was never produced as a commercial single for the public. However, a promotional disc was distributed, containing censored ("clean") and uncensored ("soiled") mixes. The disc, Interscope Records PRCD 6179, is labeled "Halo Ten" though it is not considered an official Halo.

Track listing

  1. "Hurt" (Quiet Version - Clean) [5:04]
  2. "Hurt" (Live Version - Clean) [5:15]
  3. "Hurt" (Album Version - Clean) [6:16]
  4. "Hurt" (Quiet Version - Soiled) [5:21]
  5. "Hurt" (Live Version - Soiled) [5:15]
  6. "Hurt" (Album Version - Soiled) [6:15]
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