I'm Not From This World

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"I'm Not From This World"
Album: Bad Witch
Length: 6:41
Tempo: 96 BPM
Versions: I'm Not From This World
Live: Unperformed

"I'm Not From This World" is the fifth track and second instrumental on the 2018 LP Bad Witch. In the physical packaging for the album, several curious letters and symbols appear behind the song title. Below it, "(Unused symbols:)" followed by a succession of six letters/symbols appear between the colon and parenthesis. It is unclear at this time as to what they may represent.

Song Credits

  • N/A


  • Bad Witch


This is the only known version.


"I'm Not From This World" has never been played live.


The song was featured during the season 3 finale (episode 13) of TNT's Animal Kingdom on August 21, 2018.


Although an instrumental, the following lyrics are embedded in the digital version, and can very faintly be heard in the song. They seem to reference the additional, unsung lyrics from "God Break Down The Door".

I'm not from this world
Not anymore
Previous track - "God Break Down The Door" Track 5 from Bad Witch Next track - "Over And Out"
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