March Of The Fuckheads

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"March Of The Fuckheads"
Album: Closer To God
Length: 4:43
Tempo: 113 BPM
Versions: "March Of The Fuckheads"
Live: Unperformed

"March Of The Fuckheads" is the seventh track on Closer To God. It's an instrumental track with a heavy, marching beat and heavily synthesized noise. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a remix of "March Of The Pigs." This song has nothing to do with the song "March of the Pigs" and could be a song cut from The Downward Spiral, but it is credited to Adrian Sherwood.



  • Closer To God


March Of The Fuckheads

This is the only known version of the song.


"March Of The Fuckheads" has never been played live.

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