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          _____                    _____                    _____          
         /\    \                  /\    \                  /\    \         
        /::\____\                /::\    \                /::\____\        
       /::::|   |                \:::\    \              /::::|   |        
      /:::::|   |                 \:::\    \            /:::::|   |        
     /::::::|   |                  \:::\    \          /::::::|   |        
    /:::/|::|   |                   \:::\    \        /:::/|::|   |        
   /:::/ |::|   |                   /::::\    \      /:::/ |::|   |        
  /:::/  |::|   | _____    ____    /::::::\    \    /:::/  |::|   | _____  
 /:::/   |::|   |/\    \  /\   \  /:::/\:::\    \  /:::/   |::|   |/\    \ 
/:: /    |::|   /::\____\/::\   \/:::/  \:::\____\/:: /    |::|   /::\____\
\::/    /|::|  /:::/    /\:::\  /:::/    \::/    /\::/    /|::|  /:::/    /
 \/____/ |::| /:::/    /  \:::\/:::/    / \/____/  \/____/ |::| /:::/    / 
         |::|/:::/    /    \::::::/    /                   |::|/:::/    /  
         |::::::/    /      \::::/____/                    |::::::/    /   
         |:::::/    /        \:::\    \                    |:::::/    /    
         |::::/    /          \:::\    \                   |::::/    /     
         /:::/    /            \:::\    \                  /:::/    /      
        /:::/    /              \:::\____\                /:::/    /       
        \::/    /                \::/    /                \::/    /        
         \/____/                  \/____/                  \/____/


Im ready 4 the war. R U?
-begin transmission- this isn't just a guild for fans of TReNt REzzNOR, no, FaRRR FrOm IT. this is a guild for
fans of ThE WoRLd. we're here to stop ThE WoRLd from becoming year zero. we're here to stop it, even if nO ONe ELSe will even try. so stop in, JoIN,
leave comments. let's SAvE THe WoRLD. -end transmission-
Test test test... you're testing my love... test test! you're testing to see if it's true!

test 1 test 2 test 3 test 4! you test me like the *insert forgotten word here* at the grocery store!!! I am a strange loop in this elegant universe. _____And I control you And when the day arrives_____________________And I control you I’ll become the sky__________________________And I control you And I’ll become the sea______________________And I control you And the sea will come to kiss me______________And I control you For I am going______________________________And I control you Home_____________________________________And I control you Nothing can stop me now.

>I used to know who I was until you came along. I'm tied to you -- I'm trying to break it, I am still inside you

>graffiti wall for the NIN fans

clouds will part
and the sky cracks open
and God himself
will reach his fucking
arm through...
just to push you down
just to hold you down

I have a fucking arm. I only ever use it so often though.


Now I just stare into the sun >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> -O- <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


So do you think this "indefinite hiatus" is due to the decline in enthusiasm for the last few NIN albums? (Although The Slip was overall a nice surprise, especially after the quickly forgettable Year Zero, where the promotional 'game' was more interesting than the record). Trent's not one of those 'arteests' who doesn't care about reception and is just up the ass of his creations, he does this for us as much as he does himself....

I feel like that uncertainty is all over "The Slip", to just name some obvious examples

I think Year Zero, as an album was really quite memorable. The music is fantastic, and just different from alot of other things. That in itself makes it memorable.

The Slip was just different. Personally I considered Theme From Tetsuo the Bullet Man one of the best things he's done in years, so we'll see if he keeps making tracks like that.

am I still tough enough? is my viciousness losing ground?

I'm safe in here irrelevant/ Just like they SAID

  • insert forgotten word here* = test me like the water on the floor, leaned on a soulmate at the grocery store!!!

I'd rather walk in the dark with God
Than go alone in the light.

Everything is back where it belongs I will be beside you before long, and on, This goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on This goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on

We will never die
Beside you in time

bЯǿ//ʞeИ (и) / fiXed

Everything is blue in this world.

D r o w n in y o ur own t ainte d blood.
R es i sta n ce will hac k i t 's way into t he system.
Just w ai t and s e e.
-- A.I. R .

The end is coming! Repent all ye who have sinned and indulged in unnatural and ... oddly... compelling... music... no, art! NO!!!!!!! I'm being drawn in! No, I'm becoming one of them! Save Me!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!

When Everything Becomes Nothing, Nothing Becomes Everything.

Without you everything falls apart without you it's not as much fun to pick up the pieces YOU ARE THE PERFECT DRUG


i feel it moving inside me. reaching the core of my soul, making me realize who i really am. is this what its really like? am i the only one? i feel like i have lived a lie. i finally see the truth, i see through the cracks. this is my life.

forward and downward into the flood. feel my nothingness take its toll on me. see them plummet to the ground, watch them fall from the sky. in a state of fear, i watched them all take their own lives. why does it have to be this way?

everything looks different, on the other side..

trent, grow your hair back man.

  • screaming*

he couldnt believe how easy it was

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