Not Anymore

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"Not Anymore"
Album: Add Violence
Length: 3:06
Tempo: 112 BPM
Versions: Not Anymore
Live: Unperformed

"Not Anymore" is the fourth track on the 2017 EP Add Violence.


  • Add Violence


Not Anymore

This is the only known version.


"Not Anymore" has never been played live.


The lyric "mouth taped shut" seems to reference the Tumblr blog that was used to promote The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in 2011.


  I must have let it get in
  Started to turn into somebody else
  Yeah I found myself believing
  Tick tock tick
  My feet are nailed to the floor
  I always thought we would get there somehow
  I always thought there'd be

  Well not anymore
  Well not anymore
  Well not anymore

  Mouth taped shut
  Crippled and frozen with fear
  That maybe happens to somebody else
  No that doesn't happen round here
  I won’t forget I know who I am
  No matter what I know who I am
  And what I’m doing this for

  Well not anymore
  Well not anymore
  Well not anymore
  And I can't seem to wake up

Additional lyrics appear in the Apple Music release, though are not sung:

  Remember me?
  I'm still here
  At least I think I am
  Waiting for something to happen

Further lyrics are printed on the physical component:

  Watched myself become somebody else
  Covered in dust on the floor

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