On We March

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"On We March"
Album: The Social Network Soundtrack
Length: 4:17
Tempo: 74 BPM
Versions: On We March
Live: N/A

"On We March" is the thirteenth track from The Social Network Soundtrack, written by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

Its first appearance was on the free sampler download for The Social Network. It was later made available for fan remixing as part of a competition at remix.nin.com.

A shorter version of the piece is titled "Fire in My Apartment" on the Sony Pictures website for Academy Award consideration.

Song Credits

Written by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross


  • The Social Network Soundtrack
  • The Social Network Soundtrack Academy Award consideration
  • The Social Network Soundtrack free download sampler


On We March

This is the original version. Beginning with a synthesized beat loop, synthesized bass soon enters, followed by a low-register piano melody. A distant, wailing synth soon accompanies as a second piano motif, higher in pitch, takes over. When the bass and then piano stop, faint atmospherics ruminate beneath the beat, soon joined by the returning bass riff, synth whine and piano. The return of the second piano motif is joined by distorted, quiet, fast guitar sustains, matching the synth whine. A third piano motif follows as the guitar's final chord fades out, and once the bass riff stops, the drum loop repeats several times, stopping at the end of the phrase to finish the piece. "Fire in My Apartment" is a shorter version, fading in the initial drum loop, and ending after four bars once the piece calms down into the beat alone.

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