[[Image:Bird_box.jpg|thumb|''Bird Box Original Score''<br>[ Find on Amazon]]]'''''Bird Box Original Score''''' was composed by [[Trent Reznor]] and [[Atticus Ross]] for the Netflix film of the same name. The score was released as a digital "abridged version" on January 1, 2019. A more expansive physical version of the score (featuring an additional hour of music and additional artwork) was to be released that springIts release number is [[Null numbers|Null 09]], but never materializedin keeping with [[The Null Corporation]]'s numbering system.
A more expansive vinyl box set version of the score was released on November 22, 2019. It re-creates the actual box from the film, and has holes in its lid and two to three feathers that can be found when the panel bearing the tracklisting is carefully lifted and removed. This version of the score was also made available digitally to those who purchased the box set. The following description was posted to [[]]: <blockquote>Extended compositions and explorations created during the ''Bird Box'' scoring sessions from Academy Award winners Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross. Over two hours of music completed in various hotel rooms before and after [[Nine Inch Nails]]' 2018 [[Cold And Black And Infinite Tour|Cold, Black & Infinite US tour]]. The intense pace and pressures of nightly performances began to bleed through into the work. What started as a film score began to mutate and expand into something far beyond what you saw on the screen. 4XLP pressed on 180g vinyl.</blockquote> ==Tracklisting (=====Abridged Version(Null 09)===
#"[[Outside]]" - 12:42
#"[[Undercurrents]]" - 4:03
#"[[Last Thing Left]]" - 4:41
===Extended Version (Null 09 Extended)===
[[Image:Birdboxextended.jpg|thumb|Extended vinyl box set]]
[[Image:Birdboxextendeddigital.jpg|thumb|Extended digital cover art]]
'''Side 1'''
#"Outside" - 12:42
#"Undercurrents" - 4:03
==Null 09 Extended Version)=='''12 Inch VinylSide 2'''#"Looking Forwards & Backwards" - 9:00#"[[It Can Happen Here]]" - 1:54#"Sleep Deprivation" - 5:00
'''Side 13'''#"[[OutsideTrespasser]]" - 128:4245#"[[UndercurrentsStill Feels]]" - 42:0330#"What Isn't Anymore" - 7:49
'''Side 24'''#"[[Looking Forwards And Backwards]]Careful What You Wish For" - 97:0030#"[[And It Can Happen Here]]"#"[[Sleep Deprivation]]Keeps On Coming" - 57:0014
'''Side 35'''#"[[TrespasserDreaming Forwards & Backwards]]" - 9:07#"[[Still Feels]]A Hidden Moment" - 3:06#"[[What Isn't AnymoreExposure]]" - 7:4927
'''Side 46'''#"[[Careful What You Wish ForFurther Outside]]" - 72:3014#"[[Can't Seem To Wake Myself Up]]" - 6:54#"[[And It Keeps On ComingContagion A]]" - 76:1413
'''Side 57'''#"[[Dreaming Forwards & BackwardsContagion B]]" - 4:16#"[[A Hidden Moment]]Last Thing Left" - 34:0641#"[[ExposureContagion C]]" - 2:43
'''Side 68'''#"[[Further OutsideSo Much To See]]" - 2:38#"[[Can't Seem To Wake Myself UpIncomplete Resolution]]" - 2:34#"Close Encounters" - 4:38#"[[Contagion AMaybe This Is]]" - 3:11
Side 7==Credits==#"*Written, arranged, performed and produced by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross*Mixed by Atticus Ross*Engineered by Chris Richardson with Justin McGrath*Mastered by Tom Baker at Tom Baker Mastering*Vinyl mastering: Chris Bellman for Bernie Grundman Mastering, L.A., CA*Art Direction: [[Contagion BJohn Crawford]]" - #"[[Last Thing Left]]" - 4*Publishing: ©2018 Maisie Anthems (ASCAP) and Maisie Beats (BMI)*Management: Silva Artist Management*Legal: Zia Modabber for Katten Munchin Rosenman LLP, Ross Rosen for Ross B. Rosen & Associates, LLC *Booking:41Marc Geiger for WME#"[[Contagion C]]" - *Business Management: William Harper and Michael Walsh for Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman<br>
Side 8#"[[So Much To See]]" -#"[[Incomplete Resolution]]" -#"[[Close Encounters]]" Universal Music Enterprises Personnel; Project Coordination: Jeff Fura. Production Manager: Monique McGuffin- 4Newman. Product Manager:38#"[[Maybe This Is]]" -Jeremy Sponder.<br>==Credits==<br>*TBDA Universal Music Enterprises release; ℗©2019 Netflix, Inc. Under exclusive license to Null Corporation II
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