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The bass-drum beat is very similar to 'The Great Destroyer' Aeontriad

It should also be noted that all the images of the Presence show that it has four fingers or extensions. Perhaps this is indicating the Presence is dying. Aeontriad

I think part of Ghosts 33 can be heard at around 3:04 (Sounds similar to Ghosts 33 at 0:43). Can anyone confirm this? Doriol

I believe this is a reference to the previous album, Ghosts I-IV. "The Four" might refer to the album and and the fact that they're dying might mean that Trent Reznor is probably done with doing instrumentals, at least for the time being. Ruiner13

the artwork reminds me of 999,999 and also 4 clock faces displaying 8 O'clockAnhedonia 18:13, 27 March 2009 (PDT)

Also, although this could be coincidental (but i doubt it), the last three capital letters in the song title, FUD, (Four Us Dying), really stand for Fear Uncertainty and Doubt, and is the name of a strategy used in various speeches, propaganda, etc. to sway public opinion CDCRedNinja

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