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The Spiders are presumably a small group of people fighting on the side of the Resistance. On Exterminal, they are hinted at performing a stunt that raised public awareness of traffic cameras being spread throughout their unspecified city. They attached streamers, strung up balloons, and painted bright colors on the cameras, rendering them useless for several hours and most importantly drawing public attention to the number of traffic cameras there actually were. Citizens remarked that the act really did make them aware of how invasive these cameras are. Acts of vandalism and destruction of the cameras rose greatly after the stunt and were only reduced after the city agreed to reduce the number of them in service.

This information is found on in a news article detailing the events. A hand-written note stating "spiders win!" on the top of the article leads the reader to the conclusion that they are responsible for the stunt.

Members of The Spiders:

- Elliot Carraig
- Ian Menasco
- Laurel
- Gil
- Travis Woodgate
- Tayna Roberts

Another subversive act The Spiders performed was publishing the governor's private phone number in a fake phone sex ad in the newspaper.

The "Spiderhouse" is seemingly the meeting place of The Spiders. It is located on the corner of Dempster and Sterling Ave.

"Spiderhouse Rules"

1. No phone or computer communication.  It's always bugged.
2. Don't drink before a mission
3. If we get separated, meet behind the doughnut place on Dempster.
4. If cops stop you, ask if you are under arrest.  If no, walk away.  If yes, call Travis.
5. Carry no ID.
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