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Travis Woodgate is a member of The Spiders.

He was the lawyer representing the citizens of the unspecified city mentioned in

He filed the suit against the city "alleging that giving speeding tickets based on evidence from a camera is unconstitutional. Judge Casey Solera found that use of the cameras violated a state law with conflicting burdens of proof of guilt. People received tickets simply because they were the registered owner of the motor vehicle." "The Judge said that by requiring the driver to prove someone else was driving the car at the time of the violation, the ordinance 'stood the presumption of innocence and the burden-of-proof requirement on their heads.'" The ruling was later overruled when the city appealed.

Elliot believes that Travis feigns his love for America and freedom. He believes that Travis is only out for revenge because of something that happened to his son. Elliot believes that Travis cares more about the Revolution than he does about the people involved.

Speculation: From Elliot's diary, one is left to assume that Travis is a sly, charming fellow that has a way with coercion. Because of this, he is able to "seduce" Tayna into helping him. It also may have something to do with his success in the court case against the city.

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