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Illegitimacy Of The Angry Sniper?

I was wondering if someone could clear up some confusion for me...

If you go to and scroll down to 2/9/0000 or 2/9/2022 it says that "Angry Sniper" shoots people at baseball game in Chicago in act of "resistance."

Then if you open a new window and go to and scroll down to the Attacks and Wars section it says: "The 105th were all killed in a nuclear attack, the location is unknown." By the location of this information it seems as though they were all killed in 2009.

When you listen to BallgameOver.mp3 or read about it, the "Angry Sniper" says: I used to be a sniper, 105th airborne crusaders, AMEN.

I have thought of four possibilities: one, he is lying about himself being a former 105th Airborne Crusader; two, a second 105th Airborne Crusaders team was assembled and he was a member of that one (I don't know about this possibility since there has been no mention of a refomation of the 105th); three, since the location is unknown and chipping seems to be a "normal" thing in the world of Year Zero, maybe he was taken and was brainwashed somehow to attack during the ballgame; or four, he quit the 105th before they were all killed in a nuclear attack and decided to become part of the resistance.

Again, I don't know and would like for someone to clear this up for me...

The fourth scenario is by far the most likely one. That's the conclusion I came to, anyway. And don't forget to sign any and all comments you leave on an article's or user's Discussion page. Just type four tildes (~~~~) and your comments will automatically be signed with your name and time-stamped.--Leo3375 07:40, 18 October 2007 (PDT) ? Photo HTDA Related

According to the How To Destroy Angels page we can assume that Trent will be doing backing vocals for HTDA. I just wanted to include two photos that further confirm such: [1] and [2]. The backgrounds are the same in both images. Probably already noticed, but hey this is my discussion page, haha. Kornwolf 11:18, 15 May 2010 (PDT)

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