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Many clues have been revealed as to the state of global warming in Year Zero.

  • Baseball in February: The posts on Another Version of the Truth's forum relating to Angry Sniper's attack on Wrigley Field indicate it occurs in early February, 0000. This, and with the play-by-play announcer's comment on "a beautiful spring day" indicate that the Major League Baseball season has been shifted so that playoffs are in spring.
  • A message intercepted in The Mailstrom, advertising Green Bay, Wisconson as a Spring Break destination. It mentions that Florida has become sunken (probably due to rising ocean levels), and that the South is "Hotter than a breakfast skillet".1
  • Another message intercepted by The Mailstrom, advertising an opportunity to hunt the last surviving Black Bear.
  • A newspaper clipping at the Judson Ogram site states that Hurricane Boaz came in February. Since it begins with B, we can tell that it was already the second hurricane of the year. This would prove that hurricane season doesn't end in the late fall as it does in the present, but rather stretches well across year boundaries. It is not clear whether hurricane season is year-round.
  • A conversation at Another Version of the Truth states that Global Warming has killed the cocaine industry.
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