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"Be The Hammer" website header

Be The Hammer appears to be a resistance site, linked to at the message board. It contains seven different sections or "entries".

"Be The Hammer" Site Content


Killing seems to be a self-reflective entry, where the writer, presumably a former soldier, and policeman who has finally realize the administration who is currently in power within the U.S. is corrupt and is committing acts of treason against itself to remain in absolute control. At the end he suggests that he is resisting and you should too.


Bio is a section where the narrator, presumably the same as before, sort of gives an auto-biography. He states that he lived in a small town, with no jobs so he joined the 105th Airborne Crusaders. Afterwards he returned home and joined the police force. He then talks about parepin killing aggression and how soldiers are given different pills to induce aggression. Blue pills, or "die-agra", are given to "regulars" and red pills, called "blisters", "bloody mary" or "jerk" are given if "you are very good at your job". After the pills entry, He talks about a covert, night operation that took place in aurora, Illinois. He and four other comrades presumably exterminated unregistered Muslims within 47 households. The narrator states that throughout the mission he “came” or orgasmed, four times.


Efficiency is a statement where the narrator talks about war as a business and how you can't stop calculating the cost and force. How you should use your resources efficiently.


Talks about a system for operation planning assessment, called Carver. CARVER – Criticality, Accessibility, Recoverability, Vulnerability, Effect, Recognizability. Make a list of all potential targets and grade them 1-10 (1 being the lowest) in each of the CARVER categories. Then whichever target has the overall highest grade would be the best possible choice. The narrator then states you should go out and CARVER your neighborhood.


Narrator states you should kill all informants, if you can't bring yourself to do it, that’s your fault for bringing someone else into the resistance. He states in this war we must be a nation of lone gunmen. Work alone, and never stop.


Goes over an interrogation hypothetical. Talks about different strategies, and means of interrogation.


The narrator discusses a 19-year old “liberatadora” that he presumably guarded, while as a soldier or police officer. He talks about his encounter with her while offering his own personal thoughts on the situation as well as factual happenings such as conversation topics. He then states that she tried to convince him of the truth, and that six months off of the parepin treated water, she woken up. He says it’s the only time “it’s” ever gotten to him. It’s unclear how the next few events unfold, but she asks him to cut a lock of her hair off and keep it. He does so and states that “sometimes I stop to touch it while I’m writing this for you”. He then reflects on presumably the encounter with the girl and gives off a sense of remorse, then goes on to say that we are all dead and doesn’t know why the fuck he bothers.