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In the world of Year Zero, Copper is a secret vaccine created to prevent infection by Red Horse, an Ebola-like virus that causes massive bleeding and violent rage before death.

Side effects

According to the 0 pages on Another Version of the Truth, the side effects of Copper usage are very severe. These include paranoia, heightened sensitivity to light and touch, a persistent coppery smell, and bizarre orange secretions (tears, spit, snot).


Because "copper rewires you pretty savagely," withdrawal is apparently fatal.

Known users

  • Bianca Sherer

A former operative for the Bureau of Morality. On the 0 pages, she details her life as a high-level agent, until she discovers evidence the Star Chamber incident was not a terrorist attack, but a planned execution of known Resistance members, using Red Horse to make it appear that terrorists were involved. Bianca may be the unnamed woman described as crying orange tears by Sgt. Jeff Slanski on the U.S. Wiretap site.

  • "DGChertien"

A member of the White House Staff who complains about being "tired of explaining why my nose runs orange" in an email on The Mailstrom. (Wreckage: usurp, Shard: 397W4P) Ominously, this email also discusses a "Project Copper" in conjunction with test "subjects."

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